Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal

Volume 28Issue 2
The Ninth Annual Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal Symposium


Jeremy Zisholtz | 28 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. i (2012)

The Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal hosted its Ninth Annual Symposium on March 1, 2012. The Corporate Panel addressed three recent developments in regard to chapter 11 plans. The Stern v. Marshall Panel examined the convoluted 2011 Supreme Court decision in Stern and the bankruptcy court decisions throughout the United States since the Stern decision. The Consumer Panel analyzed a variety of hypothetical situations to highlight recent chapter 13 plan issues.

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Dean Robert Schapiro | 28 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 281 (2012)

To mark the occasion of the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal Ninth Annual Symposium, Dean Robert Schapiro gave a rousing welcome to the audience and highlighted the Stern v. Marshall case that is being presented in one the symposium panels.

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The Corporate Bankruptcy Panel: Hot Chapter 11 Issues

Scott Alberino, The Honorable Judith Fitzgerald, Scott Greenberg, Gary Marsh | 28 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 283 (2012)

The Corporate Panel looked at hot chapter 11 topics such as In re Washington Mutual, Inc. [WaMu] and In re Tribune Co.

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Stern v. Marshall Panel

Bernard Bo Bollinger, Daniel Bussel, The Honorable James E. Massey | 28 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 309 (2012)

The Stern v. Marshall Panel discussed the issues of the case and its potential impact on practitioners.

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The Consumer Bankruptcy Panel: Hot Consumer Bankruptcy Plan Issues

Brian Cahn, Adam Goodman, Karen Visser, Melissa Youngman | 28 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 333 (2012)

The Consumer Panel focused on student loan debt, featuring judicial, academic, and practical insights and a call to action to help consumers.

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