Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal

Volume 29Issue 1
A Tribute to Justice Geoffrey Morawetz

A Tribute to Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz

J. Stephen Ferketic | 29 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. i (2012)

Each year, the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal honors an individual who has made a significant impact on the field of bankruptcy law with the Distinguished Service Award for Lifetime Achievement. Past recipients of the Distinguished Service Award include the Honorable William L. Norton, Jr. (1999), Kenneth N. Klee (2000), Frank R. Kennedy (2001), Harvey R. Miller (2002), the Honorable David H. Coar (2003), Gerald K. Smith (2004), the Honorable Conrad B. Duberstein (2005), Senator Dennis DeConcini (2006), the Honorable W. Homer Drake (2007), Professor Douglas Baird (2008), Professor Elizabeth Warren (2009), Barry W. Ridings (2010), and Tony Alvarez II and Bryan Marsal (2011). On April 2, 2012, the journal presented Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz with the Fourteenth Annual Distinguished Service Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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The Honourable Mr. Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz

Steven Golick | 29 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 1 (2012)

The American scholar, Warren Bennis, is quoted as saying “Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.” Based on the record of accomplishments of our honoree, there can no doubt that he is a talented person, with a deep seated belief that he can accomplish great things, because he has.

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Acceptance Remarks of the Honourable Geoffrey Morawetz

Geoffrey B. Morawetz | 29 Emory Bankr. Dev. J. 5 (2012)

Mr. Attorney General, distinguished judges, Dean Schapiro, faculty, alumni, current students and guests—it is a privilege to address you this evening on the occasion of having been selected as the recipient of this year's award.

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