Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal

The Thirteenth Annual Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal Symposium
Chelsea Deppert Executive Symposium Editor, Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal.


Each year, the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal’s Annual Symposium addresses timely and relevant topics in the bankruptcy field in a format that is both accessible and practical to the insolvency community. The Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal hosted its Thirteenth Annual Symposium on February 25, 2016. With the help and support of our faculty advisor, Professor Rafael Pardo, the Advisory Board, and our sponsoring firms, the Thirteenth Annual Symposium was a tremendous success.

This year, the Symposium featured two panels. The Corporate Panel discussed the ABI Commission’s Report on the Reform of Chapter 11, focusing on the Report’s sections discussing small and medium businesses, sales of assets, financing, and plans. The Consumer Panel discussed recent developments in bankruptcy regulation, including developments regarding the FDCPA, the CFPB, and mortgage servicing rules under RESPA and TILA.

The following is an edited transcript of both panels. The Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal would like to once again thank the Advisory Board members, the panelists, and the moderators for their efforts in facilitating the panel discussions. Finally, I would like to personally thank Armie Lewis, Katherine Stuart, John Edson, Jacob Dean, Jake Jumbeck, and the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal staff members for all the hard work in making the Thirteenth Annual Symposium a great success.


Executive Symposium Editor, Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal.