Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review

ECGAR PerspectivesVolume 6

The Future of Cannabis Manufacturing in Georgia

Michael R. Francisco | 6 Emory Corp. Governance and Accountability Rev. Perspectives 101 (2019)

Ever since Georgia legalized non-smokable forms of medical cannabis in 2015, the question of how to provide qualified patients with safe access to legally permitted products has vexed the legislature. This quandary led to the formation of not one but two legislative commissions to investigate the dilemma and provide recommendations.

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Clean Water Rule: Can Business Afford Otherwise?

Marguerite Mills | 6 Emory Corp. Governance and Accountability Rev. Perspectives 109 (2019)

The current administration has been consistent in its message to reduce regulation. By engaging in “bold anti-regulatory rhetoric,” President Trump is reinforcing the idea that all regulation is inherently bad for Americans and American business. The Trump administration has cut regulation across the board but particularly in the policy area of immigration, banking, healthcare and the environment. This Perspective will focus on environmental regulation, specifically the Clean Water Rule (CWR) and how this regulation is not only appropriately stringent, but essential for keeping businesses alive.

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