Emory Law Journal

Volume 62Issue 3

The Foreign Corrupt Practices act and Corporate Charity: Rethinking the Regulations

Francesca M. Pisano | 62 Emory L.J. 607 (2013)

American companies bring U.S. innovation and capital to all corners of the globe. The U.S. corporate presence abroad is seen not only in oil rigs and factories, but also in corporate development projects and humanitarian relief efforts.

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Between Judgment and Law: Full Faith and Credit, Public Policy, and State Records

Elizabeth Redpath | 62 Emory L.J. 639 (2013)

Although the Full Faith and Credit Clause was intended to solidify the Union by requiring states to give appropriate respect to the official acts of other states, the application of the Clause has been controversial and analytically challenging. Full faith and credit caselaw has developed along diverging paths: one path requiring “exacting” faith and credit for final judgments and the other path severely limiting the faith and credit given to legislative acts through the creation of a public policy exception.

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