Emory Law Journal

Volume 62Issue 5

The Normative and Historical Cases for Proportional Deportation

Angela M. Banks | 62 Emory L.J. 1243 (2013)

Is citizenship status a legitimate basis for allocating rights in the United States?

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Remedial Consilience

Marco Jimenez | 62 Emory L.J. 1309 (2013)

Even though remedial issues are present in every case, too little theoretical attention has been paid to them, leaving a wide array of remedial doctrines—from injunctions to declaratory decrees, punitive damages to contempt, and unjust enrichment to specific performance—in search of a unifying theory.

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Proxy Advisory Firms: A Guide For Regulatory Reform

Sagiv Edelman | 62 Emory L.J. 1369 (2013)

Proxy advisory firms exist at the nexus of some of the most high-profile corporate law discussions—most notably, the shareholder voting process, which has recently been the subject of much scholarly and legal debate.

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When the Eyes and Ears Become an Arm of the State: The Danger of Privatization Through Government Funding of Insular Religious Groups

Sarah M. Sternlieb | 62 Emory L.J. 1411 (2013)

The Shomrim, Hebrew for “guards,” operate as an ancillary police force in Hasidic communities. The Shomrim demonstrate that when the government funds inherently religious providers of social services, a constitutional gray area is created in the attempts to reconcile state action with the Establishment Clause. This Comment asserts the government should be careful in funding inherently religious providers of social services because such providers increase the likelihood of discrimination.

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