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The SEC Record of Small and Big Bucks

The SEC Record of Small and Big Bucks

Professor Urska Velikonja looked at the SEC because it is the only financial watchdog that can return to injured investors not just ill-gotten gains but also the amounts collected through fines. Banking regulators, for example, give their fines to U.S. Treasury.

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

American Muslims should move beyond minority politics, says An-Na'im

How do Muslims see and talk about their lives as American citizens? In research for the book, An-Na'im reached out to almost 500 different centers, organizations and individuals. He asked questions covering both negative and positive aspects of living and practicing Islam in the United States, and received feedback on a wide variety of topics, from stereotyping and prejudice, to freedom in practicing their faith.

Dorothy A.  Brown

Has America made progress on Fair Housing?

The market penalizes those living in a neighborhood with more than 10 percent of African Americans and desegregation has been a slow process, according to Dorothy Brown.

Alexander Volokh

Volokh files amicus cert in DOT v. Association of American Railroads

I've just filed an amicus cert petition in DOT v. Ass'n of American Railroads, a recent D.C. Circuit case (opinion by Justice Janice Rogers Brown) striking down a delegation of regulatory authority to Amtrak on private non-delegation doctrine grounds.