Student Legal Services

Do you have a legal issue? We can help.

Visit the Student Legal Services during our office hours, no appointment necessary. 

Caseworkers are volunteer law students, and they are eager to help. We provide legal advice, but please note that we CANNOT represent clients. SLS also reserves the right to withhold legal advice if your issue involves an opposing party with whom our attorney has a conflict of interests, including Emory University.

Mission: To provide the Emory community with free legal advice by researching and answering your legal questions, explaining the law, analyzes your legal options and tries to refer you to appropriate legal aid organizations or private attorneys when necessary.


  • You will meet with a caseworker who will review your legal issue(s), and prepare an intake form that documents all relevant information about your case.
  • Your caseworker will schedule a meeting for you with our advising attorney, usually for the upcoming Thursday evening if your schedule permits, and discuss the issue with the attorney before your meeting to determine appropriate actions and advice.
  • At your meeting, our attorney will explain the relevant areas of the law and your legal options.


  • Any Emory student or staff member is welcome, but you MUST have a valid Emory ID to qualify.
  • Bring your Emory ID to each meeting.

Visit Us

Student Legal Services is located in the North Decatur Building, near Emory University School of Law. The North Decatur Building is located across from the Lowergate parking deck. The parking deck is open to the public after 4:00 p.m. (prior to 4:00 p.m., it is accessible by permit only). The Emory Hospital visitor's parking deck is also just down the street, but parking fees apply.

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We will schedule an appointment for you with our attorney.