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The Emory Experience

You have the intellect and passion to be an outstanding lawyer; you seek a top-tier, well-resourced school of law to complete  that journey. 

At Emory University School of Law, you’ll have all that and more — faculty who are experts in their respective areas and dynamic teachers in the classroom; countless opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning; and an environment of support and cooperation that encourages challenging the status quo.

Our student-centered focus, innovative programs, and commitment to scholarship prepare graduates to make an immediate and lasting impact. 

"Emory offers a rare combination of faculty who are world-class scholars and also care about the students they teach.

Helping our students launch their careers and pursue their passions is one of the best parts of the job. "

Kay Levine

Professor of Law

Our Exceptional Faculty

The Emory Law faculty have, at their core, an unwavering commitment to shaping the best legal minds of the next generation. 

Like you, Emory Law professors have unique backgrounds and interests — from pioneering feminism and legal theory, to exploring the intersection of law and religion, to fighting for justice for military combatants and veterans. 

They come to the classroom with extensive real-world experience, having clerked for federal judges and practiced law for the public sector, businesses, and private firms. They are renowned for their teaching, digging deep to elicit the best in themselves and expecting you to do the same. At the same time, they are leading discussions in mainstream media and authoring leading law reviews, books, and textbooks. 

Our excellent student-faculty ratio of 8.3 to 1 fosters a culture of openness and collaboration, ensuring that you receive individual guidance. Our faculty help you realize your goals and encourage you to explore new opportunities. 

Individualized Career Support

Today’s employers are looking for more specificity and readiness to practice. They want to see a demonstrated interest in and enthusiasm for one or more specific practice areas as well as practical knowledge and skills that allow a new lawyer to work effectively. At Emory Law, you receive individualized guidance, structure, and resources to help you plan your career path and enter practice, which includes developing your story. 

Dedicated to your success, the Emory Law Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy provides insightful, individualized career advising. We will help you determine your path by ensuring that you join the appropriate practice societies, take the right courses, gain targeted practical experience, and connect with practitioners in your geographic markets of interest. Emory Law’s career advisers are experienced, well-connected attorneys who are passionate about helping you find the right position for you — a job you love. 

“When I was accepted at Emory Law, I chose to come here over other options because of its highly-ranked programs and the vast externship opportunities. You have the chance to work at large organizations like the ACLU, Legal Aid, or the American Cancer Society while still taking classes at Emory Law.” 

Bara Ahmad 21L


Discern Your Path: Emory Law’s Career Center provides a full range of resources, programming, and advisers/mentors to help you explore career options. 

Discern Your Path: Emory Law’s Career Center provides a full range of resources, programming, and advisers/mentors to help you explore career options. 

Practice Makes Perfect

A unique aspect of Emory Law, our 19 practice societies are made up of faculty, student leaders, alumni, and career strategy advisers who bring more than 100 practitioners to campus for networking, panels, and professional development events each year. This approach allows you a hands-on opportunity to bridge the theoretical to the world of practice.

Practice Societies

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Law Societ
  • Banking and Financial Institutions Law Society
  • Bankruptcy Law Society 
  • Child, Family, and Elder Law Society
  • Civil Litigation Law Society
  • Civil Rights Law Society
  • Communications and Media Law Society
  • Corporate and Business Law Society
  • Criminal Law Society
  • Environmental Law Society
  • Health Law Society 
  • Immigration Law Society 
  • Intellectual Property Law Society 
  • International Law Society
  • Labor and Employment Law Society
  • National Security and Military Law Society
  • Real Estate Law Society 
  • Sports and Entertainment Law Society 
  • Tax Law Society

A Wealth of Options

Experiential learning, so critical to a lawyer’s development, takes myriad forms at Emory Law. We empower you to discern your path right from the start of your legal education, from a first-year elective that explores an area of possible interest to a wide range of simulation programs, externships, clinics, and student organizations that guide you throughout your time at Emory Law. 

“Clinics provide important pro bono representation to individuals, community groups, and nonprofit organizations that may otherwise go unrepresented — a reflection of our commitment to public service.” 

Mindy Goldstein

Director, Turner Environmental Law Clinic and Clinical Professor of Law

Signature Programs


Our clinics offer curriculum-based, real-world experience through direct client service in a range of settings under the supervision of law school faculty. Each clinic’s docket is designed to immerse you fully in all aspects of the legal process, allowing you to take the lead in litigation, transactional, and policy matters that range from local to international levels. Student-led clinics working with refugees, LGBTQ clients, and veterans are also available. 

Barton Appeal for Youth Clinic | Barton Juvenile Defender Clinic | Barton Policy and Legislative Clinics | Emory Immigrant Legal Assistance* | Emory LGBTQ Legal Services* | International Humanitarian Law Clinic | International Refugee Assistance Project* | Turner Environmental Law Clinic | Volunteer Clinic for Veterans*

*Indicates service on a volunteer basis, not for academic credit 


We have made these an integral part of the Emory Law experience, taking the skills and principles you learn in the classroom and applying them in practice. Our externship program places more than 150 students with more than 150 government agencies, public interest organizations, courts, companies, and law firms. Under the supervision of an attorney, you will hone skills that include research, writing, advocacy, interviewing, counseling, litigation, and case investigation. 

Public Interest 

Emory Law is deeply committed to preparing students for legal careers in public service. Our innovative curriculum includes traditional courses in public interest law as well as a range of topics from international human rights to homelessness. Students will benefit from an interdisciplinary approach that brings together respected professors, leading scholars from around the world, and “learn-by-doing” experiential programs. 

Tailor Your Education 

Adapt your class schedule to your areas of interest and gain the experience that future employers desire. Options include renowned programs in litigation and transactional law, as well as courses that range from new technology and IP to mergers and acquisitions. 

Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results, or TI:GER, is an award-winning collaboration between Emory Law and the Georgia Institute of Technology. TI:GER brings together graduate students in law, business, engineering, and science to work on start-up projects; their goal is to transform highly promising research into economically viable projects. You will provide a crucial legal perspective to your TI:GER team, helping bring ideas and inventions to the forefront that could change the world and save lives. 

Transactional Law and Skills

Acclaimed for combining doctrine and practice in this rigorous curricular program, Emory Law serves as the model for transactional education programs across the country. Through our program, you have the opportunity to become financially literate, acquire a strong foundation in business law doctrine, and practice contract drafting and other critical deal skills. 

Advocacy Training 

We offer extensive trial-skills classes in areas such as jury selection, cross-examination, DNA evidence, and more. The Kessler-Eidson Program for Trial Techniques provides all second-year students with a foundation in oral advocacy. Each year, Emory Law hosts more than 80 nationally known trial lawyers, judges, and professors for a week of intensive workshops, during which each student will try both a bench and jury trial. 

Litigation Instruction 

Through classes, programs, and activities, you will learn the analytical, negotiation, and writing skills needed to be a successful litigator. You can also hone your skills through involvement in the student-run Moot Court and Mock Trial societies. 

“My scholarship forces me to think critically about the law, making me a better teacher; and my dialogue with students forces me to reexamine my assumptions about the law, making me a better scholar. My hope is to inspire students to think about ways they can use the law to effectuate positive change in people’s lives.” 

Rafael I. Pardo


We Have Your Back

When asked what they love about Emory Law, our students repeatedly answer, “The close, family-like community.” Our faculty, staff, and alumni care about your success, and the Emory alumni network will support you for life. Plus, with more than 60 student organizations and practice societies to choose from, you are sure to find ways to complement and further your interests. Ranked among the most diverse schools in the nation, Emory Law ensures that you and your fellow students bring a memorable collection of perspectives to the classroom. 

>> Learn more: law.emory.edu/studentlife

“The faculty at Emory Law are caring and engaged. During my first year, I reached out to a professor to discuss my career path, and the depth of concern and care that he demonstrated made me feel certain that I had chosen the right school.” 

Grace Goodheart 20L


A City Second to None

With a population of more than five million, Atlanta provides countless opportunities for legal networking, externships, and summer jobs. There are 20 Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Atlanta, and the regional offices of nearly every federal agency are nearby.

Emory University also maintains active partnerships with many of the city’s preeminent institutions, such as The Carter Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. Explore the best our city has to offer — including arts and culture, professional sports, top-rated restaurants, and countless outdoor activities. 

Enjoy bands at music festivals, visit the many unique neighborhoods, or spend time biking the BeltLine. In Hotlanta, there is a bit of sizzle for everyone. 

“Emory Law provides premium exposure to the Atlanta legal market but also opens opportunities nationwide. Being born and raised in Atlanta, it seemed like a natural fit. Only Emory could offer me such a tailor-made experience.” 

Max Tyler 20L


Distinguished Company

More than 13,000 alumni become your network when you join the Emory Law community. In addition to the 40 percent of Emory Law graduates practicing in Atlanta, Emory’s strong alumni network connects graduates to other legal markets in major metro areas around the country and the world.

“Being an Emory Lawyer is not just a brand; it’s caring about each other, being excellent, and making the world a better place.”

Aloke S. Chakravarty 97L


Select Notable Alumni

  • David Adelman 89L, former US ambassador to Singapore and former Georgia State Senate minority whip
  • Luis Aguilar LLM 85L, former commissioner at the US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Judge Marvin S. Arrington Sr. 67L, retired Fulton County Superior Court judge and author of Making My Mark: The Story of a Man Who Wouldn’t Stay in His Place
  • Facundo L. Bacardi 96L, chair of the board, Bacardi Limited
  • Judge Elizabeth Branch 94L, US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit 
  • Judge Mark Cohen 79L, district judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
  • Judge Orinda D. Evans 68L, former chief district judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia
  • Gordon Giffin 74L, former US ambassador to Canada
  • Carte Goodwin 99L, former US senator from West Virginia
  • John Halvey 86B 86L, former general counsel, NYSE Euronext
  • Judge Catharina Haynes 86L, US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • C. Robert Henrikson 72L, retired chair, president, and CEO, MetLife
  • Judge Frank M. Hull 73L, senior judge, US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
  • Daniel Marti 99L, former US intellectual property enforcement coordinator, now head of global government affairs with RELX Group
  • Teri Plummer McClure 88L, chief HR officer and SVP, Labor, UPS
  • Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. 83L, president and CEO, Moody’s Corporation
  • Samuel A. Nunn Jr. 61L 62L, former US senator from Georgia, recipient of Emory Law’s Centennial Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • Samuel S. Olens 83L, former attorney general of Georgia
  • Stefan Passantino 91L, former deputy White House counsel and deputy assistant to the president, now a partner with Michael Best and Friedrich LLP 
  • Patrise Perkins-Hooker 84B 84L, Fulton County Attorney; first African American woman President of the State Bar of Georgia
  • Leah Ward Sears 80L, retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of Georgia
  • Mark Wasserman 86L, managing partner and co-CEO of the global firm Eversheds Sutherland

“I chose to attend because when I spoke with several Emory Law attorneys about their experience, every single one had only nice things to say. Also, Atlanta is a fantastic city in which to begin or build a career.” 

Adam Snyder 21L


Join Our Community

Here’s a chance to make your first critical filing. Apply and join students who have made Emory Law their first choice, recognizing its unparalleled ability to provide a practical, disciplined approach to the study of law that will engage you in the varied and integral roles the law plays in our community, society, and world. 

Complete your application through the Law School Admission Council at law.emory.edu/apply

For detailed instructions about the application process, visit law.emory.edu/admission

Financing Your Education

Woodruff Fellows Program

Emory Law awards up to four full scholarships each year as part of the Robert W. Woodruff Scholars and Fellows Program. Successful applicants demonstrate exceptional character, scholastic ability, and leadership. Nomination letters can be submitted at law.emory.edu/jdadmission.  All admission applicants are considered for other merit-based scholarships. 

Merit-Based Scholarships

All admitted students will automatically be considered for Emory Law's robust, merit-based scholarships. There is no separate scholarship application to complete. law.emory.edu/admission

Contact us: Visit law.emory.edu or contact our Office of Admission at jdadmission@emory.edu or 404-727-6802.