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SJD Tuition

2023-2024 SJD Tuition Structure

  • Tuition Year 1 - $65,510
  • Tuition Year 2 - $5,099
  • Tuition Year 3 - $871 

Estimated Variable Expenses

  • Fees: $904
  • Living expenses: $22,186
  • Books: $1,770
  • Emory student health insurance: $4,762
  • Parking: $730°

All enrolled students at Emory University, including those enrolled in the School of Law’s online degree programs, are subject to the University’s tuition refund policy.  That includes the policy’s schedule of reduced refund levels, with the passage of additional days following the start of the relevant semester (i.e., spring, summer, or fall).  Even as to classes that start in the middle of the term, thus, any withdrawal must occur at the start of relevant term, if any refund is to be received.

* You may opt out of the Emory student health insurance plan if you are covered under another policy that meets Emory’s required coverage minimums. Under the Affordable Care Act, many of our students are eligible to continue coverage under their parents’ plan or may find an independent plan that meets Emory’s requirements. For more information, go to the Student Health website.

° Estimate, subject to change.

For the most accurate information regarding tuition, fees, and scholarships, please consult Emory Law’s publications and website. Information received from a third-party may not be verified. To receive an actual financial aid award for attendance at Emory Law, you must apply and be accepted for admission.

Information effective April 4, 2023.