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Constitutional Law, Business Law, Non-Profit Law


Business Oversight and Compliance


Jared Carter is a graduate of Vermont Law School where, in addition to serving as an articles editor on the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, he received an Equal Justice Foundation Fellowship to litigate a First Amendment challenge to U.S. Treasury Department Regulations prohibiting travel to Cuba.

A veteran attorney and advocate for social, legal, and economic justice, Professor Carter was a law clerk to Justices William Leaphart, Jim Rice, and Jim Nelson at the Montana Supreme Court. For more than a decade, Professor Carter has taught and practiced law.  He has research and expertise in the First Amendment, Appellate Advocacy, Movement Lawyering, Business Law, and Comparative Law. 

Jared Carter has been a Visiting Professor and Associate Director of the Cornell Law School First Amendment Clinic and is on the faculty at Vermont Law School.  In addition, he has developed study away courses that take students to Cuba to learn about the Cuban legal system.