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Emory Law teams win national transactional law negotiation contest

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National Champions
The National Champion (Sellers) team poses with their certificate. Pictured, from left to right, are Jenn Greene 2L, Sarika Mathur 2L, and Abby Gao 3L.

On the heels of impressive regional wins, Emory’s Transactional Law Program Negotiation Team recently won Best Draft, Semi-Finalist and National Champion honors (Seller’s side) at the 2015 National Transactional LawMeet®. The competition, held in New York City, featured fourteen teams from law schools across the country, seven for the Buyer and seven for the Seller.    

The LawMeet® is a “moot court” event for students interested in transactional law. The judges, all experienced transactional attorneys, review the students’ drafts and then observe as the students negotiate key portions of the deal.  The students are evaluated on their professional personas, understanding of the clients’ objectives, and effectiveness as negotiators. Members of the Emory Law team are developing those qualities and skills in Emory’s Transactional Law Program. The winning team members are:

The Semi-Finalist (Sellers) team includes, from left to right, Zhiqian Chen 2L, Vivian Wang 2L, Yoojin Kim 2L, Liu Chen 2L and Jasmine Johnson 2L.

National Champions (Sellers) - Jenn Greene 2L and Sarika Mathur 2L

Alternates - Abby Gao 3L and Jili Xue 3L

Semi-Finalists (Sellers) - Zhiqian Chen 2L, Vivian Wang 2L, Liu Chen 2L, and Jasmine Johnson 2L

Alternate - Yoojin Kim 2L

Best Draft (Sellers) - Zhiqian Chen 2L, Vivian Wang 2L, Liu Chen 2L, Jasmine Johnson 2L, and Yoojin Kim 2L 

Center for Transactional Law and Practice

Emory Law is acclaimed for combining doctrine and practice in its rigorous curricular program, serving as the model for transactional education programs across the country. Through the Center's Transactional Law Program, students have the opportunity to become financially literate, acquire a strong foundation in business law doctrine, and practice contract drafting and other critical deal skills. The Center provides a roadmap for every student interested in studying transactional law—from those who want to learn only the basics to those who want to go further and earn the Transactional Law and Skills Certificate.