Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review

ECGAR PerspectivesVolume 2

How Sony Can Impact Your Privacy

Nicole Fukuoka | 2 Emory Corp. Governance and Accountability Rev. Perspectives 2001 (2015)

The cyber attack on Sony Pictures may have a much bigger impact on the American public than merely restricting the platforms on which they can watch the latest Seth Rogan movie. The highly publicized security breach revealed that America’s enemies are no longer just armed with guns and explosives. Instead, our adversaries are increasingly using cyber weapons that can present an even greater threat to America’s security interests. Both Senator McCain and President Obama blame the administration’s lack of effective cyber security legislation as a major contributing factor for what happened to Sony. As a result, bolstering cyber protection legislation has become a top priority for lawmakers in 2015. However, many of the bills being proposed to Congress bear a heavy price tag for the American people. In exchange for increased cyber protection, controversial bills like CISPA and CISA will grant the government greater access to the public’s private information.

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Big Data = Big Brother?

Richa Khanna | 2 Emory Corp. Governance and Accountability Rev. Perspectives 2007 (2015)

“Big data” refers to massive amounts of information ranging from a combination of clinical, genetic, social and other data that is collected from multiple sources and interpreted by analytics to provide an overview of trends or patterns. Physicians hope to use this data to identify patients who are at risk for certain illnesses and thus, likely to be “high-cost,” meaning repeat users of expensive health care services. Big data can certainly be useful for treating healthy patients as well. The hope is that it will be able to predict who's likely to have a health issue later in his/her lifetime. Many believe that big data can help anticipate patient needs. Though patients can benefit from consumer data, the financial motivations and privacy implications for this cannot be overlooked. This article seeks to explain the impact of big data and offer ways to manage the associated risk.

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U.S. Corporate Involvement as a Means of Addressing Foreign Work Place Incidents

Andrew Kim | 2 Emory Corp. Governance and Accountability Rev. Perspectives 2011 (2015)

With a growing reliance on oversea suppliers, electronics companies such as Apple have encountered the troubling issue of foreign labor abuse. It has been well-documented that several oversea suppliers have provided an unsafe working environment for their employees. Such abuses include instances of forced overtime and the improper handling of chemicals among other violations. In spite of these violations of employee labor rights, oversea suppliers often fail to address such issues despite labor policies put in place by these electronics companies. This article seeks to establish the need for greater corporate transparency to combat these issues while also offering alternative ways to further expose and address the problem of foreign labor abuse.

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