Emory Law Journal

Volume 62Issue 2

Predictive Policing and Reasonable Suspicion

Andrew Guthrie Ferguson | 62 Emory L.J. 259 (2012)

Very soon we will be moving to a Predictive Policing model where, by studying real time crime patterns, we can anticipate where a crime is likely to occur.

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Regulating Risk and Governance in Banks: A Contractarian Perspective

Simone M. Sepe | 62 Emory L.J. 327 (2012)

In the lead up to the 2007–2008 financial crisis, U.S. banks engaged in systemic, excessive risk taking that drove the economy to the verge of collapse. This Article makes three contributions to understanding how this pandemic of excessive bank risk taking was possible and which policy reforms are desirable to promote more prudent banking conduct.

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