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The Juris Master degree provides Human Resources professionals legal training in employment law and employee relations, helping them gain valuable knowledge to advance their careers.

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The Juris Master (JM) program is a master's degree that provides human resources professionals the legal knowledge and skills to better understand and negotiate contracts, navigate increasingly complex regulatory environments, assess risk, make more informed decisions, and contribute in more significant ways to their organizations.

On-campus concentration in employment law.

Gain relevant knowledge of legal topics such as contracts and contract drafting, labor laws, business immigration, dispute resolution, and employment discrimination law, among others.

Enroll full- or part-time.

Complete the program full-time in as few as nine months, or part-time in up to four years.

Get an Emory degree while you work.

Earn a degree from one of the top law schools in the nation.

The JM is designed to fit your busy lifestyle.

Become a more valuable employee.

Employers report that a JM from Emory Law increases an employee's value.

15% tuition scholarship available for SHRM members.


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