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Employment Law and Human Resources Degree

The Juris Master (JM) program is a master's degree that helps professionals gain the legal knowledge and skills to navigate complex regulatory environments, make informed decisions, assess risk, and jumpstart their careers.

The Employment Law and Human Resources concentration invites students to explore employment at will, employees versus independent contractors, employee privacy in the workplace, workplace safety issues, wage and hour laws, workers' compensation schemes, disability, and discrimination, among other topics.

Develop Your Employment Law Skills

Students in the Juris Master program’s Employment Law and Human Resources concentration will study a range of topics:

  • Employment at will
  • Employees versus independent contractors
  • Employees’ privacy rights in the workplace
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employee discipline
  • Compliance with federal EEO rules
  • FMLA provisions and claims
  • ADA discrimination, frameworks and issues
  • Reasonable accommodation for disability
  • Discrimination based on sex, pregnancy, gender, and LGBTQ+ status
  • Discrimination based on race, national origin, accent and immigration status
  • Discrimination based on religion, religious accommodation on the job
  • Diversity and inclusion measures
  • Discrimination based on age, including youth-targeted recruitment
  • Retaliation for engaging in protected EEO activity
  • Harassment by supervisors, co-workers, or third parties
  • Conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Arbitration versus mediation as dispute resolution techniques
  • Implicit bias & cognitive bias
  • Team dynamics in negotiation
  • Workplace system design
  • The role of HR in when companies merge or become acquired
  • Non-compete clauses in employment contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Workplace safety regulations and enforcement