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Course Descriptions

Course content is subject to change.

The Fall 2021 Course Descriptions document will include Foundational (1L JD Required) courses, general Upper Level courses, Seminars, and Grad Program specific courses and will be posted by May 14, 2021.

Please note that the course descriptions are subject to updates, so please review the information carefully. For an official listing of Experiential Credit courses, please refer to the Approved List of Experiential Courses.  

For purposes of the Pre-Selection Process for Fall 2021 Seminars and Colloquium Series Workshop, please reference the seminar course description document. As a reminder the Pre-selection form opens at 9:00AM on Monday, May 10 and closes at 9:00AM on Wednesday, May 12 - no exceptions.

UPDATED on 05.17.2021 and subject to change