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"The JM gives me a deeper understanding and knowledge of dispute resolution, contracts, and regulation. This degree will afford me the ability to diversify my skill-set and my career."

Kumar Rajamannar, Director, Regional Head of Commercial Real Estate Operations, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch

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The Juris Master (JM) program is a master's degree that provides business professionals the legal knowledge and skills to better understand and negotiate contracts, make more informed decisions, navigate increasingly complex regulatory environments, and contribute in more significant ways to their organizations.

The application deadline for the fall semester is June 30; the application for spring semester is November 15. Apply now to be considered for scholarships.

Two concentrations designed for seasoned professionals.

The Health Care Law, Policy, and Regulation concentration offers legal grounding in torts and contracts, and laws related to health research, policy, and regulation.

The Business Law and Regulation concentration covers corporate governance and compliance, criminal and civil liability for corporations, regulation, legal frameworks for deal making, and transactional due diligence, among other topics.

(NEW) The Data, Privacy, and Technology Law concentration covers topics such as privacy, ethics, and the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace; trademark, patent, and copyright law; and licensing and trade secrets.

(NEW) The Employment Law and Human Resources concentration explores employment at will, employees versus independent contractors, employee privacy in the workplace, workmen’s compensation, disability, and discrimination, among other topics.

Study online or on campus.

The online format is composed of 10 sequential 7-week asynchronous courses, with two synchronous online experiences, and can be completed in 18 months.

Complete the on-campus program full-time in as little as one year, or part-time in up to four years, studying alongside JD and LLM students.

Get an Emory degree while you work.

Earn a degree from one of the top law schools in the nation.

The JM is designed to fit your busy lifestyle.

Become a more valuable employee.

Employers report that a JM from Emory Law increases an employee's value.

Scholarships available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can JM students transfer to a JD program? American Bar Association (ABA) regulations do not allow advanced standing, or credits earned under a JM (or similar non-JD master program) to be transferred to a JD program. Students who complete the JM degree can apply to Emory’s JD program, but they will be held to the same rigorous standards as any other JD program applicant. Because the units earned in the JM are not transferrable to a JD program, we strongly encourage individuals who are truly interested in pursuing a JD to apply directly to a JD program.

What is the JM class profile? The majority of JM students are working professionals from a wide range of fields mixed with more traditional graduate students.

Do JM students have separate classes? JM students generally take the same classes that contain the same content, and rigor, as our JD and graduate students. Students in the on-campus format will be expected to do the same work as JD students. 

What can I do with the JM? The JM is a complementary master’s degree designed to supplement an individual’s professional experiences and/or academic background with knowledge of specific area(s) of the law. Many students have used the legal knowledge and skills obtained via the JM to differentiate themselves as they grow in their current role and/or advance in their career.

What are the required courses?

Required Courses:

  • The American Legal System
  • Analysis, Research, and Communications for Non-Lawyers
  • Contracts

Core Courses:

  • Law and Legal Professional
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Administrative Law

How much does the program cost?

Please review our tuition and fees page. Scholarships and financial aid are available. 

For the most accurate information regarding tuition, fees, and scholarships, please consult Emory Law’s publications and website. Information received from a third-party may not be verified. To receive an actual financial aid award for attendance at Emory Law, you must apply and be accepted for admission.

How rigorous is the program? Both the online and on-campus formats of the JM are academically rigorous. The online format employs weekly assignments rather than the traditional single end-of-semester exam of the on-campus format.