Emory Law is a dynamic community where students feel engaged and involved in the classroom and beyond. Our Houses program provides students with social opportunities to get to know faculty, staff, and other students.

For 1Ls, the Houses help them bond and meet 2Ls and 3Ls, who have “been through it already” and who can provide perspective and realistic advice. For 2Ls and 3Ls, the Houses are another channel for forming relationships that energize their interests, goals, and future paths. And the Houses inject fun into law school life!

LLM and JM students have similar opportunities through their respective Societies. We encourage students to take part in all law school activities.


Emory Law fosters a climate of inclusion, where students of all backgrounds come together to learn and enter a profession based on service and knowledge. Our diverse community, with students, faculty and staff of all races, genders, religions, and backgrounds, is engaging, warm, and dynamic.

Generations of Emory Law students have built a community of high-achieving but mutually supportive young professionals, committed to their growth in the legal profession while understanding that the bonds and reputations they forge in law school will follow them throughout their professional careers. 

Color: Blue

House Coordinator: Raymond Tran (3L), Sydney Alexander (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Fiona O’Carroll

Associated Faculty: Jenn Mathews (ILARC) (formerly Jupiter) and Frank Alexander

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Color: Red

House Coordinator: Jenna MacDonald (3L), Lukas Alfen (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Chelsie Holler

Associated Faculty: Julie Schwartz (ILARC) (formerly Mars) and Charlie Shanor

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Color: Orange

House Coordinator: Caitlin O’Riordan (3L), Lauren Gandle (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Kevin Kim

Associated FacultyKamina Pinder (ILARC) (formerly Mercury)

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Color: Yellow

House Coordinator: Precious Johnson (3L), Sam McLelland (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Allison Bailey

Associated Faculty: Robert Parrish (ILARC) (formerly Venus)

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Color: Indigo

House Coordinator: Demarius Newsome (3L), Katie Rouse (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Lucy Gauthier

Associated Faculty: Aaron Kirk (ILARC) (formerly Neptune)

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Color: Green

House Coordinator: Janiel Myers (3L), Sophie Salcedo (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Matthew Demartini

Associated Faculty: Richard Freer & Jennifer Romig (ILARC), (formerly Saturn)

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Color: Violet

House Coordinator: Carson Modrall (3L), Madi Bader (2L)

Dean’s Teaching Fellow: Bob Sherrier

Associated Faculty: Lesley Carroll (ILARC) (formerly Earth)and Julie Seaman

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