Investing in people

Emory University has embarked on a campaign that will transform the future. 2O36 will invest in people for the benefit of people, helping Emory’s faculty and students find ways to meet some of the world’s most pressing needs.

We recognize the following donors who have already invested in an expansive and inspiring future for Emory Law. This list includes cumulative donations of $10,000 or more made between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2021. To see the full list of donors to Emory Law as part of 2036, visit or scan the QR code below.

The following donors have lifetime giving of $1 million or more to the School of Law: 

Anonymous (3) 

Atlanta Law School Foundation 

Mr. Facundo L. Bacardi 96L and Mrs. Elizabeth Bacardi 

Mrs. Patricia Dwinnell Butler 31L* 

Professor William J. Carney and Mrs. Jane C. Carney 

E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company 

Mr. C. Robert Henrikson 72L and Mrs. Mary Eagan Henrikson  

Lilly Endowment 

Mr. Hugh F. MacMillan 34L* and Mrs. Margaret Holcomb MacMillan*  

McDonald Agape Foundation 

Mr. Alonzo L. McDonald Jr. 48C* and Mrs. Suzanne M. McDonald 

Mr. Kenneth F. Murrah 55C 58L* and Mrs. Ann Hicks Murrah  

The Pew Charitable Trusts 

Mr. Philip Syng Reese 66C 76B 76L and Mrs. Daphne Craven Reese* 

Mr. Gonzalo Rodriguez-Fraile  

Southern Company Foundation  

The Center for Land Reform  

The Ford Foundation 

The Miryam Institute  

Turner Foundation  


The following are donors to the School of Law as part of the Emory 2O36 Campaign. This list includes donations made between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2021. 

$1,000,000 and above 

Anonymous (3) 

Professor William J. Carney and Mrs. Jane C. Carney  

Mr. C. Robert Henrikson 72L and Mrs. Mary Eagan Henrikson  

McDonald Agape Foundation 

Mr. Alonzo L. McDonald Jr. 48C* and Mrs. Suzanne M. McDonald  

Mr. Gonzalo Rodriguez-Fraile  

Southern Company Foundation 

The Miryam Institute 


$250,000 – $999,999 


Mr. David S. Cohen 94L and Mr. Craig A. Benson  

Mr. David Kessler 94L and Mrs. Rhonda Kessler  

Lanier Law Firm 

The Latham Foundation 

Mr. John Ludlow Latham 79L and Mrs. Sheri T. Latham 

Mr. Peter Andrew Law 93L and Mrs. Agnes B. Law  

Lilly Endowment 

Ms. Lee Paula Miller 82L and Dr. Leslie R. Freedman  

Mr. Philip Syng Reese 66C 76B 76L and Mrs. Daphne Craven Reese* 

Mr. Brent Jamieson Savage Sr. 78L and Mrs. Linda Lebey Savage  

The U.S. Russia Foundation 

Watts Guerra 

Dr. James Brian Watts 80L and Mrs. Sondra Kay Morison  


$100,000 – $249,999 


AccessLex Institute 

Dr. Kenneth Aron and Mrs. Felicia Aron  

Judge Jeffrey S. Bagley 87L and Mrs. Anita Ledbetter Bagley 

The Honorable Dorothy Toth Beasley 08L 

Mr. Thomas Leonard Bisanz 75B 80L and Mrs. Susan H. Bisanz 75B 

Mr. Paul T. Carroll III 74C 79L and Mrs. Juliette Dale Carroll 75N 79N 

Mr. Jeffrey Bruce Coopersmith 90L and Ms. Stefanie Hunter Snow 91L 

Mr. Jon Fiebelkorn 18L 

Fieldstead & Company 

Mrs. Robin DePetrillo Fink 89C 92L and Mr. Benjamin I. Fink 92L 

Mrs. Isabel M. Garcia 99L and Capt. David J. Sanchez  

Mr. Brad Ginsberg 86L 

Mrs. Valerie Brock Guiles and Mr. Blake Hunter Guiles  


Mr. James Clinkscales Hill Jr. 

Mr. A. Michael Hill 

Mr. Richard C. Ingwersen 73L and Mrs. Teresa W. Ingwersen 

Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check 

Levin Papantonio Thomas Rafferty 

Mr. Ian Lloyd Levin 92L and Mrs. Lisa Kring Levin 92B  

Mr. Omeed Malik 06L and Ms. Caroline Morgan 

Mrs. Kathleen S. Miers* 

Dr. Amy N. Nguyen 98M and Mr. Kenneth Utama Surjadinata 97B 97L 

Mr. George Ong 97L 

Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel and Mr. John Rutherford Seydel II  

Professor Charles A. Shanor and Ms. Susan McRae Shanor 89L 

Mr. Mark O. Shriver IV 73B 81L and Dr. Patricia S. McKay* 

Smith, Gambrell & Russell  

Onnie Mae Spruill Foundation  

Mrs. Susan Taylor 

Turner Foundation 

Mr. Rhett Lee Turner and Mrs. Angela Della Costanza Turner  

Mr. Robert Edward Turner 

Ms. Donna Lee Yip 04L 


$50,000 – $99,999 

Anonymous (3) 

American Council of Learned Societies 

Barrios Kingsdorf & Casteix 

Ms. Dawn M. Barrios 

Dean Mary Anne Bobinski and Ms. Holly J. Harlow  

Annie E. Casey Foundation 

David S. Cohen Charitable Fund 

Judge Brenda Hill Cole 77L and Dr. Thomas W. Cole Jr. 

Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust 

Ford & Harrison 

Geller Family Giving Fund 

Mr. Paul Geller 93L and Mrs. Leslie Kimmell Geller  

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher 

Mr. Brian Goldstein 85L and Mrs. Marcia Karetsky Goldstein 86L 

Dr. George Gottlieb 

Dr. Michael Ridgway Jones Jr. 85Ox 88C 04L and Mr. Jonathan Scott Parris  

Keller Lenkner 

Mr. Aaron H. Marks 93L and Mrs. Elaine Brichta Marks 

Dr. Charlotte McDaniel 

Judge Ruth Rocker McMullin 00L and Mr. Vaughn B. McMullin 

Mr. Vaughn W. McRae and Mrs. Nora F. McRae 

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 

Mr. Andrew J. Mulder 75L and Mrs. Lois F. Mulder  

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough 

Oliver Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta  

Representative Mary Margaret Oliver 72L  

PricewaterhouseCoopers Matching via The Blackbaud Giving Fund  

Selby & Richard McRae Foundation  

Mr. William C. Wardlaw 




Alston & Bird 

Mrs. Leslie G. Amin and Mr. Himanshu S. Amin  

Mr. Paul H. Anderson, Jr. 75L and Mrs. Debbie C. Anderson 

Dr. Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im and Mrs. Sara Osman  

Mr. John H. Beisner 

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation 

Mr. Arthur M. Blank 

Blasingame, Burch, Garrard, & Ashley 

Professor Michael J. Broyde and Mrs. Channah S. Broyde 

Mr. Charles E. Buker III 76C and Mrs. Margaret Robinson Buker 81L 

Mr. Robert D. Carl 78L and Ms. Anne C. Currie  

Mr. Richard J. Conviser 

Ms. Renata Kendrick Cooper 86C 86G 89L and Mr. James William Cooper 89L  

Mr. David K. Dabbiere and Mrs. Melinda Walthers Dabbiere  

Mr. William F. Denson III 68L and Mrs. Deborah D. Denson  

Donald Schapiro Fund 

Mr. Donald M. Ferencz 

Ms. Ruth H. Gershon 67C 70L and Mr. Sanford A. Cohn 67L 

Kathy and J.W. Gibson Charitable Fund  

Mrs. Kathy Buckman Gibson 89B 89L and Mr. James Wesley Gibson II  

The Goizueta Foundation 

Mr. Javier C. Goizueta and Mrs. Dolores J. Goizueta  

Dr. Roberto Segundo Goizueta and Mrs. Elizabeth T. Goizueta 

Ms. Joan Lorraine Goldfrank 73C 76L and Mr. Michael J. Brustein 

Mr. Michael Jonathan Greenberg 10L and Mrs. Lisa Eliana Greenberg 

Paul B. & Beryl S. Greetin Foundation 

Mr. Robert J. Grey 75L and Mrs. Susan A. Grey 73G  

John Paul Stevens Fellowship Foundation 

Mr. Joseph John Kokolakis 89L and Mrs. Anna Kokolakis 

The Honorable Phyllis A. Kravitch* 

Mr. Martin Liberman 74L and Mrs. Susan Liberman  

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein 

Mr. Cary M. Maguire 

Michael D. Martin Charitable Fund 

Mr. Michael Dean Martin 

Paul & Marian Anderson Fund 

Piedmont Charitable Foundation 

Planethood Foundation 

Mrs. Olga Maria Goizueta Rawls 77C 80L and Mr. Thompson T. Rawls II 79L  

Robert J. Grey Charitable Fund  

Robinson Calcagnie 

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith Robinson  

Dean Robert Andrew Schapiro and Dr. Lillian Goldstein Schapiro  

Seeger Weiss 

Ms. Debra A. Segal 79L and Mr. Randall Jeffrey Cadenhead  

Mr. Ira M. Steingold 74C 77L  

Mr. Nicholas B. Telesca 89L 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  

Mrs. Chilton Davis Varner 76L and Mr. K. Morgan Varner III  

Weitz & Luxenberg  

Williams & Connolly 

Mrs. Sue Sigmon Williams 

The Vasser Woolley Foundation 




Mr. Luis Alberto Aguilar 85L and Ms. Denise T. Aguilar  

Airwatch Charitable Fund II  

Ankura Consulting Group 

Mr. Joel Steven Arogeti 82L and Mrs. Beth W. Arogeti 

Aron Family Charitable Trust 

Atlanta Legal Aid Society 

Austin Family Giving Fund 

Mrs. Deborah Pitman Austin 77C 84L and Mr. Jesse H. Austin III 80B 80L  

Mr. Facundo L. Bacardi 96L and Mrs. Elizabeth Bacardi 

Mrs. Kathleen Thorne Barlow 87L and Mr. Bruce T. Barlow 

Mrs. Patti H. Bass 83L and Mr. Charles E. Bass  

Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles  

Mr. Samuel K. Berger 


Ms. Elizabeth J. Cabraser 

Mrs. Catharine Nicole Carlos 

Mr. Chris Michael Carlos 

Mr. Mark P. Chalos 98L 

Mr. Ira David Cohen 92C 95L and Mrs. Jennifer Schultz Cohen 94B  

Ms. Lori Gail Cohen 90L and Dr. Kenneth S. Cohen 76D 

Ms. Laura J. Coleman 90L and Mr. Thomas Halgash  

Mr. Randall Hopkins Davis 79L and Mrs. Deborah Araj Davis 

Mr. Allan Brent Diamond 79L and Ms. Sharon L. Diamond 

Mr. William Brinkley Dickerson Jr. 78B 82B 82L and Mrs. Patricia M. Dickerson 

Dr. Martha Grace Duncan 

Mr. Geoffrey W. Emery 86L 

Mr. John C. Ethridge Jr. 82L and Mrs. Cynthia Cates Ethridge  

Eversheds Sutherland 

Mrs. Elizabeth Dodd Floyd 83L and Mr. John Earl Floyd 83L 

Mrs. Michelle Tannenbaum Forte 84L and Mr. Laurence S. Forte  

Garden City Group  

Garretson Resolution Group  

GE Foundation 

Georgia Bar Foundation 

Girard Sharp 

Mr. Adam Gleklen 90C 95L and Mrs. Pamela Gleklen  

Mr. H. Bruce Golden 74L and Mrs. Becky Golden  

Greenberg Traurig 

Mr. Stephen J. Herman and The Honorable Karen Kirshbom Herman 91C  

The Honorable James C. Hill 48L* 

Mr. Harry C. Howard 55L and Mrs. Telside Strickland Howard 

Dean James B. Hughes Jr. and Mrs. Melba Nicolette Hughes 

Ms. Robin M. Hutchinson 85C 88L 

James A. Walters Management Co. 

John and Cindy Ethridge Charitable Fund  

Mr. Ben F. Johnson III 65C and Mrs. Ann A. Johnson 65C  

Keller Rohrback 

King & Spalding 

Knobloch Family Foundation 

Ms. Amy Laurendeau 

Mr. H. Douglas Laycock and Ms. Teresa A. Sullivan  

Mr. Michael A. Leven and Mrs. Andrea E. Leven  

Litigation Management 

Mayer Brown 

Mazie Slater Katz Freeman 

Ms. Mollie McFee 

Ms. Elizabeth Baldwin McGovern 95L and Mr. Michael McGovern 

Mr. Paul Marvin McLarty Jr. 63C 66L and Mrs. Ruth Bunton McLarty 

Mr. Charles E. Moore 

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Trust  

Motley Rice 

Mr. Paul Joseph Murphy VI 86L and Ms. Gia Michele Partain  

Ms. Sarah Anne O’Leary and Professor Michael John Perry 

O’Melveny & Myers 

Mr. Archis Parasharami and Mrs. Christhy Vidal  

Paul J. and Gia M. Partain Fund 

Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood  

Mrs. Eleanor K. Ratchford 89B and Mr. Joseph Thomas Ratchford, Jr. 

Ms. Georgia Carole Ravitz 89L and Dr. Peter Basser  

Philip & Daphne Reese Fund 

Mr. Joseph F. Rice 

Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd 

Mrs. Dora Brazlavsky Rubin 85L and Mr. Steven Daniel Rubin 

Mr. Steven Z. Rudofsky 88L and Mrs. Hephzibah Rudofsky  

Mr. John W. Rumely 79L and Mrs. Shayla K. Rumely 79L 

Daniel A. Sasse, Esq. 97L and Ms. Anne M. Brafford  

The Seaman Family Foundation 

Justice Leah Ward Sears 80L and Mr. Haskell Ward 

Dr. Rita Arlene Sheffey 21T 

Mr. Paul R. Shlanta 83L and Ms. Mary Elizabeth Long  

Shook, Hardy & Bacon 

The Sidley Austin Foundation 

Smith and Associates Law Group 

Dr. Elizabeth Jane Wooten Smith 

Mr. G. Harlan Smith 01C 09L 

Southern Company Gas Private Foundation 

Mr. William Sullivan 83L and Mrs. Laura S. Sullivan  

Tanenbaum Keale 

Mr. Charles E. Taylor 84L and Mrs. Lisa Cannon Taylor  

Thaddeus Sobieski Trust 

Thalia and Michael C. Carlos Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta  

The Law Firm of Drew Early 

Mr. Briggs Lovell Tobin 89L and Mrs. Jessica B. Tobin  

Troutman Pepper Hamilton 

Ms. Cheryl Framarian Turner 94C 99L  

Dr. Johan David Van der Vyver Sr. and Dr. Elizabeth Yolanda Van der Vyver 

Mr. James C. Walsh 82L and Mrs. Mary J. Walsh   



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