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Boards welcome new members

The Emory Law Dean’s Advisory Board and the Emory Law Alumni Board are pleased to welcome twelve new members for the 2022 – 2023 academic year.

The Emory Law Dean’s Advisory Board and the Emory Law Alumni Board, representing a diverse range of perspectives and geography, are appointed and work together to advise the dean and senior staff on the interests of the Emory Law community. The Advisory Board concentrates primarily on fiscal and operational strategic planning, and the Alumni Board focuses on strategic planning for alumni engagement. These volunteer leaders help to keep the law school apprised of and responsive to the current state of the legal profession and the concerns and needs of our alumni.

New members include Elizabeth L. Fite 05L, who recently completed her term as president of the Georgia Bar Association, and Damon Erik Elmore 96L, the executive director of the State Bar of Georgia, who recently completed a bicycle trip across Africa. 

Advisory Board New Members

Marc R. Bryant 93L

Damon Erik Elmore 96L

Angela Hsu, Esq. 95L

Jennifer Marie Morgan 95L

Samuel Scott Olens 83L

Georgia Ravitz 89L

Brent Jamieson Savage Sr. 78L

James H. Wilson III 78L

Alumni Board New Members

Elizabeth L. Fite 05L

The Honorable Rahn L. Gatewood 05L

The Honorable Steven Daniel Grimberg 98L

Thomas H. Hong 97L

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