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From the Alumni Board president

People sometimes ask why I spend my time and money supporting Emory Law. I rarely have time to explain all of the reasons because there are many.

Fink 92L

Alumni Board President Benjamin I. Fink

For one, I am incredibly grateful for the scholarship I received that allowed me to graduate from law school with a manageable amount of debt. Providing other aspiring lawyers with that same opportunity is my way of paying it forward. If you benefitted from a scholarship to Emory Law (and even if you didn’t), I hope you will consider giving back.

In addition, we live in a country and a world where the rule of law is sometimes taken for granted. We need lawyers who are well-trained not only in the basic subjects taught in all law schools (contracts, torts, etc.), but who also have an appreciation for the critical role lawyers play in a society that depends on the rule of law. Emory Law provides more than just an opportunity to learn the law — it also provides incredible opportunities for students to learn skills that will position them to be leaders in their firms, in their companies, and in their communities as they proceed in their careers. By way of example, our dean, Mary Anne Bobinski, is co-teaching a seminar on Leadership for Lawyers this coming semester. In this class, students will hear directly from leaders in the legal field, business world, and nonprofit and government positions about the fundamental principles of leadership and develop leadership competencies relevant to lawyers and law students.

Engaging with law students is also incredibly rewarding. Having coffee, lunch or even just a Zoom meeting with a law student to talk about career opportunities is something I thoroughly enjoy. If you have not taken the opportunity to connect with Emory Law students, please make an effort to do so. You can reach out to me or to the law school staff for ways to connect. I am confident you will find the experience personally rewarding — and you may even learn something yourself.

We are also at a key juncture in the history of the law school, with many long-time faculty retiring or approaching retirement. As we celebrate the contributions these professors have made to Emory Law, we have a tremendous opportunity to support the law school in its efforts to identify, recruit, and hire the high-quality faculty for which Emory Law is known. We are grateful for the financial and logistical support the University is providing. It would be wonderful to show the University that the Emory Law alumni appreciate their support by increasing our support, as well.

There are so many exciting opportunities to get involved and give back to Emory Law. I hope you will consider joining me in doing so.

Benjamin I. Fink 92L is a shareholder at Berman Fink Van Horn in Atlanta.

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