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Requirements for ELJ Submissions

The Emory Law Journal is published six times a year. We are now accepting submissions for the 2021-2022 selection cycle. The Emory Law Journal will only accept articles, manuscripts, and essays that are submitted electronically via Scholastica. Please do not email manuscripts to the Emory Law Journal or to individual editors. The Emory Law Journal does not accept student submissions.

The Emory Law Journal also publishes essays in an online companion, the ELJ Online. If you have an essay to submit to the ELJ Online, please use the same submission process as above. Emory Law students can submit essays to the ELJ Online during the fall semester.

Citations in submissions should follow The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020). Please use footnotes rather than endnotes.

Requirements for ELJO Submissions

  • Essays of 10,000 words or less
  • No comments authored by students who did not attend Emory Law