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Global Health

Emory Law has a unique multidisciplinary platform for exploring global health initiatives.

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"I chose Emory Law because of its national prestige and the Atlanta job market. I know Emory's externships will provide me with the skills necessary to be a successful lawyer." David Rothenberg 15L

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Trial Techniques

The Kessler-Eidson Trial Techniques Program is recognized as one of the nation's finest simulation learning experiences, required of all second-year students.

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Intellectual Property

"Emory is a great place for patent law. It has esteemed faculty, relevant classes, TI:GER, and student organizations like the Intellectual Property Society." Ashley Allman, 15L

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Transactional Law

Emory Law's robust Transactional Law and Skills Certificate curriculum is the gold standard for transactional law education.

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Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results unites Emory Law, Emory, and Georgia Tech law, economics, science, and engineering graduate students.

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Define Your Legal Path

The Emory Law curriculum is attuned to the needs of the legal profession and the world of professions engaged with the law, offering an unmatched breadth and depth of courses directed to every area of practice.

Each year, more than sixty full-time faculty—scholars and practitioners alike—along with an extensive adjunct faculty, teach more than 250 courses, partner with you in your legal studies, and help you discern your unique professional path. An extensive array of simulation courses, clinics, externships, and subject-specific practice societies offer opportunities to build on the theoretical foundation of your studies. They also provide you first-hand experience with the legal community of Atlanta, a major metropolitan area and home of Fortune 100 companies, federal and state courts, influential public interest organizations, and national and state governmental agencies.

Our excellent student-faculty ratio of 12.5 to 1 fosters a culture of openness, collaboration, and individualized guidance as well as a lively intellectual environment.

Whether you are working on your JD; pursuing a joint degree in business, medicine, or public health; or deepening your understanding of the law to advance your career, Emory Law’s academic program will provide you with the skills and practical experience you need to compete with the best.

Degree Programs

Juris Doctor (JD) »The regular, professional curriculum of the law school is a full-time day program leading to the juris doctor (JD) degree.
Juris Master (JM) »The juris master degree provides professionals with a better grounding in law and regulation to achieve professional goals.
Master of Laws (LLM) »Emory Law's LLM program offers graduates of US and foreign law schools the opportunity to pursue the master of laws degree from one of the top nationally ranked law schools in the United States.
Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) »The highly selective SJD program is designed for those seeking to pursue careers as teachers and scholars of law.
Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in Bioethics (JD/MA)This curriculum provides students education in the discipline-specific methodologies of critical analysis, law, health, science, and ethics.
Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration (JD/MBA) »The law school and the Roberto C. Goizueta Business School cooperate in a program that enables a student to receive the doctor of law and master of business administration (JD/MBA) degrees in four years rather than the usual five.
Juris Doctor and Master of Divinity (JD/MDiv) »

Emory Law and the Candler School of Theology offer two joint-degree programs for students who wish to pursue a concentrated course of law and religion.

Juris Doctor and Master of Theological Studies »

The joint Juris Doctor/Master of Theological Studies (JD/MTS) program allows students to combine training in law with training in religious studies.

Juris Doctor and Master of Public Health (JD/MPH) »

The law school and the Rollins School of Public Health cooperate in a program that enables a student to receive the Doctor of Law and Master of Public Health (JD/MPH) degrees in three-and-a half years rather than the usual five.

Juris Doctor and Doctor of Philosophy (JD/PhD) »The Juris Doctor/Doctor of Philosophy (JD/PhD) is administered by Emory Law and the Emory Graduate Division of Religion, a unit of the Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
Accelerated Juris Doctor for Foreign-Trained Lawyers »The JD with Advanced Standing is an accelerated program for foreign-trained lawyers.