Class Registration

Please check OPUS for your Enrollment (appointment) windows. Course descriptions are on the Course Description web page. The Course and Exam Schedule can be found are on the Schedule web page. The course schedules can also be found in OPUS.




  • NOTE: There are NO pre-selection forms for Contract Drafting or Deal Skills. Students currently enrolled in the Transactional Certificate Program will be given a registration window in which to register for those courses. Any remaining seats will be available during Open Enrollment. The Capstone pre-selection form is emailed ONLY to those students enrolled in the Transactional Certificate Program and who are eligible to apply for the courses. For information about the Transactional Certificate Program, please visit the Center for Transactional Law and Practice
  • The seminar pre-selection form which includes the Colloquium: War & Security is accessible on the law registrar web page, within each seminar course description as well as in OPUS. The deadline to submit these forms for Fall 2019 is WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 3:00pm. There are no exceptions. Students should not email professors to be enrolled.
  • The ABA's Six-Credit Experiential Learning Requirement: All JD students who are expected to graduate in or after the Spring of 2019 are required to satisfactorily complete at least one or more experiential courses totaling at least six credit hours. For more information, see the FAQs.
  • Enrollment windows always start at 9:00 p.m., on the days you are assigned.
  • Be sure to check the Holds and Clearances callout section in OPUS to avoid any delays in your registration.
  • If you choose to use the Shopping Cart feature, you must be logged into OPUS. (The Shopping Cart feature is optional and not required for you to enroll.)
    • Once the system processes your request, you will be able to identify which classes you were actually enrolled in as they will be indicated by a green check. If there is a red X, you were not enrolled. You can double check this by going to your class schedule on the Student Center tab.
  • If you wish to take a course outside of the law school, you must be a JD-student who started their program as a 1L at Emory Law, the course must be a graduate level course, and you must obtain the written permission of that professor. Once you have, click on this link and fill out the form, our office will notify you if your request was approved. Please note that different schools have different registration schedules, and we tend to not hear back until right before the start of the semester, so we advise that you select a backup law class you'd be willing to take/drop later if you are not selected/selected for the other class. Lastly, please note that any course taken outside the law school will count against your pass/fail credits, and whatever grade you earn will appear on your transcript (it's just not calculated into your law school GPA). For further information or questions, please contact our office directly. 

Courses you cannot self-enroll in:

  • Externships
  • ANY Doing Deals courses including the Capstone courses.
  • Seminars – you will be notified if you were accepted into your requested class(es) and provided instructions on how to register. (see form)
  • Colloquium Series Workshop (see form)
  • Clinics 
  • Journals
  • Trial Techniques
  • Directed Research - for more information and deadlines view the Directed Research tab on the Student Resources web page
  • If a class is closed; or, requires Department/Instructor Consent.
  • Courses that have pre-requisites or co-requisites that you have NOT met at the time of enrollment.
  • Online courses - JD students cannot enroll in online courses; residential graduate students need permission from their program manager.

If you try to register for one of the classes with a low enrollment cap, please note these two things:

  • The system is not broken if when you go to register and it says the class is already full.
  • You will have another opportunity to enroll in the class during open enrollment and Add/Drop.

Overload Requests

For students who anticipate needing permission to take an overload of credit hours (more than 16 hours) for the Spring, please fill out this form with the following information. Please note that the registrar’s office will not be able to process overload requests until approval has been granted by Dean Brokaw.
  • A list of all classes you plan to take, with this information for each class:
    • Number of credits
    • Academic obligations (scheduled take-home home exam, semester coursework, etc.)
    • Grading status (pass/fail)
    • Dates of scheduled exams, if available