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Not taking the time to read and familiarize yourself with all exam information will not constitute you receiving extra time on your exams. 

Exam Schedule and Rooms can be found on the Class Schedule web page under the Exam Schedule tab.

Accessing Your Exam in EBB

Electronic Bluebook (EBB) Student Portal

If you do not see your exam listed, do not panic. Exams are not accessible until 30 minutes PRIOR to the start of the exam, on the day of the exam. Accessing the system and typing anything into EBB before the exam officially starts is a violation of the exam policy.

To enter the EBB software, be sure to type in your FULL EMORY EMAIL. Your email authenticates you with the system, and pulls the exam(s) specific to you. Not entering your full Emory email address, will result in an error or you not being able to access your exam.

Electronic Bluebook (EBB) Student Portal user guide is available here. Missed the EBB Training? Not sure how to use the new EBB Student Portal? View the training before your exams start!

Find Exam Numbers And Information, Software Updates

Please review the EBB GUIDE for information on how to access the EBB Student Portal, download the EBB In-Class Software, accessing Take-Home Exams, and locating your exam ID's.

Download the new version of EBB SOFTWARE (top right box)

  • If you have an old version of EBB (from a previous semester) you must first delete the software from your computer BEFORE downloading the new version.
  • Follow the instructions for downloading for MAC or PC.
  • If you are having difficulty loading the software, please visit the IT helpdesk on the 2nd floor of the library before the day of your exam. Waiting until the day of may result in you having to hand write your exam.
  • Be sure that you have enough memory on your device to download the software AND take multiple exams. (If you are not sure, please check with IT or the Law Registrar's Office.)

Exam Conflicts & Reporting An Illness/Emergency

Students with exam conflicts will be notified via email no later than a week or two before the start of exams. If you think you have a conflict and did not receive an email, please notify the Law Registrar's Office immediately.
  • If you received a conflict notice and would like to waive your conflict resolution, follow the instructions and adhere to the deadline provided in the email notice you receive.

View Emory Law's Policy on Exams, including what constitutes a conflict, scheduling make-ups, reporting illness, etc., in the Student Handbook. Missing an exam without an excused absence constitutes a grade of "F".

In the event of illness or emergency on the day of an examination, the student must contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs ( to request an exam deferral. Emergency exam deferrals are dealt with by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and the faculty concerned on a case-by-case basis. A student requesting on the basis of illness will be required to provide a certificate from a physician to substantiate the request for deferral, normally justified only if the student is actually seeking and receiving medical care at the time of the exam. 

In-Class And Take Home Exam Instructions

Please review the EBB GUIDE for information on how to access the EBB Student Portal, download the EBB In-Class Software, accessing Take-Home Exams, and locating your exam ID's.

In-class exams

Once you are logged in, select the exam you are sitting for, the other information will auto-populate. If your exam has multiple choice and the professor is using EBB instead of a paper scantron, verify that the number of multiple choice questions is listed properly on the EBB login screen.

DO NOT SHUT YOUR LAPTOP during the exam as this will cause your exam to time-out. You can click on the HIDE button located within the software to disguise your screen.

Once you are finished and have submitted the exam, you will receive a green screen indicating the exam was uploaded

  • If the system crashes during the exam, you may try 1 time to re-start the EBB exam software and/or restart your computer. The recovery password is emory (all lower case).
  • If the system does not restart, you are to immediately begin handwriting in a paper bluebook/paper scantron. Do not leave the classroom as you will not receive extra time. Once the exam is over, notify the registrar’s office, and we will recover the data prior to the system crashing.
  • If you get a yellow screen, you may try to submit your exam again by following the prompts on the screen. If that does not work, bring your computer to the Law Registrar or to IT helpdesk on the 2nd floor of the library to verify that the exam uploaded.

Take-home exams

To access your take-home exam in EBB, you will need to log into the EBB Student Portal. The EBB Student Portal is a different system than what you use for in-class exams. Instructions are provided as to the length of time the exam is available.

Download the exam questions to start the time. Essay answers should be typed and saved in a Word document, then uploaded as an attachment. If there are multiple choice questions, there will be a link to access EBB.

You do not need to be on campus to use the EBB take-home exam.

IT/Technical Assistance (Before And During Exams)

Please seek assistance from Law IT (second floor help desk in the library) or the Law Registrar's Office for technical issues. 

Before your exams: (Failure to properly install EBB before your exam will result in wither having to use a paper bluebook and/or scantron or losing time on your exam.) DO NOT WAIT until the day of your exam to do the following steps:

  • Download the EBB software from the EBB Student Portal. It is recommended that you download a new version of the software each semester.
  • Verify memory space on your computer. 4GB or more of memory space on your computer is required.

During or after your exams:

If you have a computer crash/system failure:

  • DO NOT leave the classroom. You may try to restart the system one time, and if that does not work, finish your exam by handwriting in a paper bluebook and/or scantron. If you leave the classroom, you will not receive any extra time on your exam.
  • Bring your computer to the Law Registrar's Office to report the error.
  • If you get a yellow screen, you may try to submit your exam again by following the prompts on the screen. If that does not work, bring your computer to the Law Registrar or to IT helpdesk on the 2ndfloor of the library to verify that the exam uploaded.

Professional Conduct Code Issues

Bringing Authorized Materials To The Exam: On the day of the exam, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain and bring any authorized materials (outline, statute book, supplement, handouts, etc.) to the exam room. If you arrive for an exam and are not fully prepared with these materials, this is not grounds for delay or rescheduling of the exam. Students will not be permitted to share such materials unless the professor explicitly authorizes this in person. Print out permitted outlines or e-book materials.

Electronic Devices: The use of all electronic devices able to convey or receive information, including but not limited to cellphones, iPods, PDAs, pocket PCs or anything other than a laptop running approved exam software is prohibited during all in-class exams, unless your professor specifically instructs you otherwise. Laptops running approved exam software are allowed as provided in your professor's exam format and instructions. The prohibition does not apply to medical devices. During in-class exams, you should put away your electronics in a safe place like bookbag, backpack, etc. If you normally use your cellphone as a timekeeper, you will not be allowed to do that and should bring a watch or rely on the classroom clock. Failure to abide by these instructions may constitute a violation of the Professional Conduct Code.

Confidentiality Of Exam Contents: Please remember that many students may be taking an exam on a make-up day. Discussing the content of any exam with someone who has not yet taken that exam (even seemingly informal comments such as that was harder than I ever imagined or no surprises there ) may constitute the provision of unauthorized assistance and violate the Emory Law School Professional Conduct Code. Make sure you return your exam questions to the exam proctor at the end of the exam WITH YOUR EXAM ID NUMBER ON THE EXAM. Failure to return the exam can result, at the professor s discretion, in automatic failure of the exam and the entire course.

Ending Exams On Time: Remember that you are bound by the announced end time of an exam, even if a professor or proctor is not present in the room to stop you at that point. Do not keep writing or typing, including spell-check or filling in Scantrons, past the end time of the exam thinking that you are entitled to the extra minutes. Failure to stop constitutes a violation of the Professional Conduct Code.

Exam Room Assignments/Computer Lab

Rooms for in-class exams will be posted on the Class Schedule webpage and on the digital boards. Rooms for make-up exams will also be posted in these places prior to the first make-up day.

If you have a take-home exam, project or paper, please verify with your professor when and how it should be submitted.

Using the Computer Lab – Room 5G

If you need to use the school provided computers for your exam(s), you must sign up on the form outside the Law Registrar's Office 24 hours PRIOR to your exam. If it is a last-minute issue, please notify the Law Registrar.

There are only 6 available computers for any given exam period so it is imperative that you sign-up a minimum of 24 hours before your exam. You are to report to your exam room for instructions before going to the lab. You must comply with all computer lab guidelines.


If you have any questions regarding exams, please contact the office of the registrar BEFORE the day of your exam by either stopping by G144 or emailing us at Do not wait until the day of, or once the exam starts, to notify us of a problem, as we cannot extend extra time for your exam.