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Emory Law congratulates the Class of 2019


University Graduation Week Activities: Open to all law students. Learn more on the University Commencement site »

School of Law Diploma Ceremony: Sunday, May 12, 2019at 6:00 p.m. George W. Woodruff Physical Education Center (WoodPEC).

174th Commencement Exercise of Emory University: Monday, May 13, 2019; 9:00 – 10:15 a.m. on The Quadrangle.

Commencement Livestream Page: The School of Law Diploma Ceremony will be livestreamed here »

Additional Honors

The following Honors lists reflect achievements as of May 16, 2018. 

Sameer Alifarag

Shira Rachel Barron

Morgan Bridgman

Brittany S. Brown

Minjie Cao

Timothy J. Carey

Nicole Chessin

Seth T. Church

Alexandra Marie Cochrane

Shubhangini Debi

Aisha Hardaway

Kacper Jastrzebski

Precious R. Johnson

Sai Kolluru

Allen Kowalczyk

Changze Li

Xin Li

Hongmei Liu

Robert Eliot Neal

Fiona O’Carroll

Amanda Parris

Kier Prince

Lauren A. Schenkel

Anneta Shargorodskaya

Samantha L. Sherrod

Joshua H. Tsao

Hena Vora

Adrienne Marie Wimberly

Kimberly Anne Wise

Stephanie Woolley

David Seiyong Ahn

Allison Bailey

Samantha M Busch

Victoria Lavender Veran Bartlett

Morgan Bridgman

Lesley Chen

Alexandra P Conn

Matthew P Demartini

Jonathan Dichiara

Karla M Doe

John Folkerth

Lucille M Gauthier

Nadia J Hajji

David J Hoffmann

Chelsie J Holler

Max J Kellogg

Taesung Kim

Deyvid V Madzharov

Nicholas C Marais

Rebecca S McMahon

Megan Leigh Meyers

Michelle Tatum Nussbaum

Jonathan Robert Pickett

Caleb Robertson

Fiona Patricia O'Carroll

Ariel Marie Olson

Sangita Vani Sahasranaman

Robert D Sherrier

Rebecca Arlene Reiman Smith

Spencer M Stephens

Jesse Daniel Sutz

Chloe Veron

Talia Bess Wagner

Caleah Whitten

Allison Bailey

Brittany S. Brown

Seth Church

Karla Doe

Katherine Freeman

Lucy Gauthier

Tyler Greenwood

Precious Johnson

Kevin Hongsuk Kim

Nicholas Marais

Janiel Myers

Fiona O’Carroll

Benjamin Alden Ries

Jenine Rossington

Caleah Whitten

Christina Zeidan

Below is a helpful month-to-month check list to get you ready for graduation. Please keep in mind that some dates may change, so please be sure to check the Registrar’s Web page for updates. 

Time to Apply for Graduation

  • All schools at Emory University participate in online graduation application submissions. Students may apply to graduate through their OPUS accounts online. You will be available to apply for graduation in OPUS January 8, 2019, through February 8, 2019.
  • Be sure to check the degree information display carefully as you apply to ensure your diploma will be ordered correctly. Double-check the following:
    • Be sure to check the degree information displayed to ensure your diploma will be ordered correctly.
    • Confirm that your name is spelled correctly in OPUS. How your name appears in OPUS is how it will be listed on all commencement-related publications, including your diploma. The name change deadline is February 28, 2019.
    • Are you applying for the degree you think you are? Verify this information.
    • Confirm that your diploma mailing address is accurate and will be valid for you for a minimum of 6 weeks after commencement ceremonies.
  • After February 8, 2019, late degree applications must be completed using the paper form available here. Students submitting a late degree application must submit ONLY the paper form to the Law Registrar in G144. Students will then have to take a $25 late fee, in the form of a check made payable to the university’s Registrar Office, directly to the office at 200 Dowman Drive, Boisfeuillet Jones, Center, Rm. 100. The Law Registrar cannot accept any payments.

Info for Dual Degree

  • You must submit a degree application to both schools. You will apply online, in OPUS, for the degree of the school at which you are currently enrolled. A paper degree application should be completed and submitted to the other school. Online and/or paper degree applications are due to both schools by the application deadline. Click here for the paper degree application »
  • Please understand that eligibility does not necessarily mean you have met all graduation requirements for your degree program.

Grad Fair And Renting Regalia 

  • To participate in commencement, you must rent regalia online. Ordering begins February 8, 2019 to March 8, 2019. 
  • Be certain you order the correct regalia for your degree type. JM graduates, per B&N guidelines, must purchase regalia. JD/LLM/SJD graduates can rent or purchase their regalia. Note: Any JD/LLM/SJD graduates who wish to purchase regalia must complete a Custom Regalia Purchase form and turn it in to Heather LaFleur at by March 8, 2019. The purchase option is not available online.
  • Regalia pick-up will be available at Emory’s Barnes & Noble bookstore starting on April 17, 2019.
  • Please note JD graduates must complete the ABA Required JD Graduate Survey before picking up their cap and gown.
  • Rented regalia must be returned May 14, to May 17, 2019 to the Emory University Barnes & Noble bookstore. 
  • The School of Law will host a Grad Fair in Hunter Atrium on Monday, February 11, 2019, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and again on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

    Schedule of Events

    • Barnes & Noble will help students order caps and gowns online.
    • GradImages will provide cap and gown photography, with no appointment necessary. Come photo-ready. Cap and gown will be provided.
    • Jostens will take announcement orders (February 11 only).
    • Herff Jones will take orders for class rings and frames.
  • Emory Barnes & Noble will also host a Grad Fair in Hunter Atrium on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m (Please check Registrar’s Commencement webpage for updates)
  • If you do not rent your regalia beforehand, none will be provided for you. Regalia is required to walk in the Diploma Ceremony and the Commencement Exercises.
  • Be certain you order the correct regalia for your degree type. Not all School of Law graduates wear the same type of regalia. 


Clearing Final Charges

To avoid a university hold on your diploma, pay all outstanding tuition, health services charges, parking, and library fines now. This information can be found on your Student Center page in OPUS.

Hooder Information

  • You will receive an email in March and the Hooder request form will be posted in March.
  • Hooders are required to be JD graduates.
  • Guest hooders should dress in business attire; regalia is not required.


  • In March, you will receive an email and form request regarding how to correctly pronounce your name.

Special Needs Seating for Guests

  • You will receive an email in March regarding special needs seating.

Request not to participate in graduation

Students who wish to graduate in absentia must obtain permission from the Dean or his/her designee. In this case, the diploma will be mailed to the student’s permanent address listed in OPUS. The form to request to graduate in absentia from Emory Law will be posted in March.

Survey Time 

ABA Required JD Graduate Survey (JD Students Only): Please plan to complete your graduate survey by the month of April; it must be finalized before you can pick up your graduation regalia. Please be on the lookout for an email from the Career Center regarding this survey.

Note: ABA Required JD Grad Survey must be completed before you can pick-up your regalia.

Pick-Up & Return Regalia

  • You may pick up your regalia at the Emory Barnes & Noble Bookstore in April. Dates will be posted shortly.
  • You may return your regalia to the Emory Barnes & Noble Bookstore anytime from May 14 until May 17 (Please refer to your order form for details on failure to return your regalia to Barnes & Noble in a timely manner.)

Line-Up For All School Commencement Ceremony

  • Details will be posted in April. 

Line-Up For Law School Commencement Ceremony

  • Details will be posted in April. 


  • Diplomas will be mailed in July to the “Diploma Address” you have listed in OPUS. Please be sure to verify that the “Diploma Address” you have listed in OPUS is correct.
  • Diplomas will not be available for pick-up from the law school.
  • Deadline to update your address is May 10, 2018

Student Lockers

  • This is a reminder to all students to please remove your belongings from your lockers and leave them unlocked after your last use. All lockers will be emptied out beginning the week of May 25, 2019.
  • Please note the following: You are welcome to keep your locker if you plan to stay this summer to study for the bar exam and can keep your locker until after the bar exam. Please be sure to contact Amish Mody and provide your name and locker number.
  • The deadline is May 25, 2019, to keep us from emptying your locker.
  • For returning students, the Operations Department will be sending instructions for locker access in the Fall.

Hotels & Restaurants

The Emory University website includes information on hotels and restaurants for out-of-town guests.


Parking on the day of Commencement is always a challenge, so plan ahead. Visit the University website regarding campus parking »

Commencement Photography

Grad Images will be the official photographer for the School of Law’s Diploma Ceremony. The photographers will be taking pictures of the ceremony, which you will be able to purchase. Each graduate will be contacted directly by Grad Images when pictures are available for order. Graduates can also go to to find their photos after graduation.