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JM Benefits

"My juris master degree provides me with a critical understanding of legal issues impacting nonprofit organizations." Tarik Johnson

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JM Depth

"Emory Law's JM Program is giving me a deeper understanding of the law so I can provide better advice to my clients for their financial futures." Mike Hodell, Financial Advisor

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JM Impact

"Emory Law's JM program has given me the ability to understand, interpret, and apply the law to my work in public health." Alice Margaret Story

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JM Influence

"The JM Program enlarges professional career opportunities in the midst of today's rapid changes." Octavian Blaga, Radiologist, Tenet Healthcare

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JM Concentrations

Students work with a JM program adviser to develop a course of study suited to meet personal and professional goals.

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JM Insights

"I chose the Emory Law JM program because it was a perfect opportunity to supplement my nonprofit degree as well as my work in human resources." Shaneesa Ashford, Communications Specialist

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JM Flexibility

"The JM program offers flexibility in selecting the types of courses that have the most application to my field." Amy Mansfield, Legal Analyst, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

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JM Expertise

"The juris master degree helps me navigate the technical aspects of compensation regulations with greater expertise." Thomas George, Compensation Consultant

Juris Master Program

Professionals are coping with growing regulation, intensifying risk and liability concerns, and increasingly complex decision environments. Increasing your knowledge of law with a juris master degree will give you better insight into issues including the following:  

  • What laws and regulations apply to my profession?
  • What trends in law and regulation should I incorporate into decision making?
  • How does regulatory reform impact my profession, and how can I influence regulatory change?
  • How can I assess risk in a changing environment?
  • How can I communicate better with my organization’s attorneys?

Whether you are a professional interested in gaining a better grounding in law and regulation to advance your career, or a student whose primary degree would be enhanced by an integrated study of law, Emory Law’s juris master program offers the insight and flexibility to help you achieve your goals. 

Make Connections

With more than 10,000 alumni across the globe and a brand name that carries weight worldwide, an Emory Law degree offers access to thousands of successful, talented peers. These connections begin as soon as you start your juris master studies, with Emory JM students participating with JD and graduate classmates in all courses. This interaction ensures everyone benefits from the experiences that each student brings to the learning environment.

Flexible Program

Emory Law's juris master is a 30-credit hour program that supplements your professional interests with a range of concentrations you can customize to meet your needs. You can complete your coursework either full-time in as little as one year or part-time in up to four years.

Courses are offered throughout the day, including limited late afternoon, evening, weekend, and summer options. Part-time JM students may choose courses based on their area of interest and work schedule.

A Partnership with Scholars and Educators

Emory Law's JM program is grounded in exemplary teaching. More than sixty full-time faculty—scholars and practitioners alike—along with an extensive adjunct faculty, teach more than 250 courses and partner with you in your legal studies. Their focus on research means they are not only teaching you the law, they are also actively participating in shaping laws around the world. 

JM Information Sessions

We invite you to attend one of our upcoming information sessions.