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Alumni Awards

Each year, the Emory Law Alumni Awards recognize outstanding alumni who have achieved distinction in legal practice, teaching, research, or public administration and who have demonstrated distinguished service to Emory Law, the Emory Law Alumni Association, or Emory University. On Friday, April 12, 2019, during Emory Law Alumni Weekend (ELAW), we recognize four alumni for the distinction and honor they have brought to the law school through their service and achievements. 

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award

Established in 1985, the Distinguished Alumni Award is given to an alumna or alumnus who embodies the values of the school and has demonstrated extraordinary achievement in the legal profession and in service to society.


Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson 71L

Lewis S. “Mike” Eidson 71L is recipient of Emory Law’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award, in recognition of the remarkable career he established since he graduated from Emory University School of Law in 1971 as a Lamar Law Scholar. Eidson is president of Colson Hicks Eidson, a Miami, Florida, law firm dedicated to trial practice, established in 1967. (It is now located in Coral Gables.) Eidson is renowned for his work in class actions and complex litigation, including landmark cases involving the automotive industry. He has secured malpractice settlements for many clients in cases involving the pharmaceutical industry and medical personal injury. He also has litigated more than 120 jury trials in Florida and across the country. Eidson is an expert in aviation cases and has represented more than 1,000 individuals in general and commercial aviation both in the United States and abroad. He lectures at state and national seminars and programs on expert testimony, trial practice, federal preemption, protective orders, and all aspects of product liability including technology and the law. Eidson has served as an instructor at the Kessler-Eidson Trial Techniques program at Emory Law, which he endowed and bears his name. In addition to his legal career, Eidson was a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army from 1968-1971, and later served in the reserves. In 2017, Eidson was included among the “Emory Law 100,” an honor created to recognize the law school’s luminaries and commemorate the law school’s 100th Anniversary. For more than 25 years, he has sponsored scholarships at four institutions, including Emory, that encourage women to become trial lawyers.


2019 Eléonore Raoul Trailblazer Award

The Eléonore Raoul Trailblazer Award commemorates Eléonore Raoul 20L, the first woman admitted to Emory University and a national leader in the women’s suffrage movement. It is given to an Emory Law alumna who has blazed a trail for others through her own professional and personal endeavors.


Lori G. Cohen 90L

Lori G. Cohen is co-chair of Greenberg Traurig’s Global Litigation Practice, where she leads a group of more than 600 attorneys who are nationally and internationally focused on complex litigation of all types—including product liability and pharmaceutical, medical device, and health care litigation. Cohen is not only nationally recognized for her extraordinary trial record of 57 defense verdicts, but also for her Daubert knowledge and general scientific expertise. She is well-regarded for her work on the use of technology in courtroom presentations of complex medical, scientific and other catastrophic injury cases, and is a sought-after lecturer on the topic. Clients have called her a “trial wizard,” for her ability to translate complex evidence for lay jurors. In 2018, Cohen was recognized as “Product Liability Attorney of the Year” by LMG Life Sciences and inducted into the Life Sciences Hall of Fame.  She is also one of two attorneys listed in The Legal 500 “Hall of Fame” for product liability litigation involving pharmaceutical and medical devices, and the sole practitioner who is also listed in the “Hall of Fame” for Leading Trial Lawyers.


2019 Alumni Service Award

The Alumni Service Award honors an alumna or alumnus who has contributed significant, sustained leadership and outstanding service to the Emory Law community.


John Maggio 96L

John Maggio handles all types of civil, commercial, and product liability litigation, with a focus on aviation and has represented air carriers, aircraft manufacturers, and insurers in wrongful death, personal injury, and contractual litigation. He is president of the Association of Transportation Law Professionals and in 2018, was recognized as a leading lawyer in the US Legal 500 for his work in aviation litigation. Maggio is listed as a Leading Aviation Attorney by Aviation Expert Guides 2017 and also in the 2018 Who’s Who Legal: Contentious. In 2011 he was named one of New York’s “Rising Stars.” Maggio has been recognized since 2014 as a Super Lawyer in the aviation field among attorneys in the New York metropolitan area. His experience includes litigation in multiple state and federal courts, including successful appeals before the US Court of Appeals for the Second, Ninth and Eleventh Circuits. His service to Emory Law includes his commitment as a faculty member for the Kessler-Eidson Program for Trial Technique for the past 15 years. He is also the most recent past president of the Emory Law Alumni Board.


2019 Young Alumni Award

The Young Alumni Award recognizes the professional and personal achievements of an alumna or alumnus who graduated within the past 15 years and has made notable leadership and service contributions to Emory Law and to the legal profession.


Donna Yip 04L

Donna Yip serves as senior vice president and deputy general counsel at PineBridge Investments in New York City. Prior to joining PineBridge she was vice president and associate general counsel at Oak Hill Advisor, where she specialized in high-yield credit, leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, structured products, distressed investment, and private lending markets. She also previously held positions at Proskauer Rose LLP and Paul Hastings. In addition to her Emory Law degree, Yip holds a bachelor of arts in leadership studies, business administration, and political science from the University of Richmond.



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Judge Catharina Haynes 86L, Distinguished Alumni Award
Carolyn Bregman 82L, Alumni Service Award
Judge Dorothy Toth Beasley 08L, Eléonore Raoul Trailblazer Award
Justin Victor 10L, Young Alumni Award


Senator Sam A. Nunn Jr. 61L 62L, Centennial Lifetime Achievement Award
John Latham 79L, Distinguished Alumni Award
Randy L. New 76C 82L, Alumni Service Award
Patti H. Bass 83L, Eléonore Raoul Trailblazer Award
Kareem Maddison 03L, Young Alumni Award


No awards


C. Lash Harrison 62B 65L ♦ Reuben Guttman 85L  ♦ Sharon Israel 90B 90L ♦ Thad Kodish 00L


John G. "Sonny" Morris 69L ♦ Philip S. Reese 66C 76B 76L  ♦ Garner G. Courson 74L ♦ Debra A. Segal 79L ♦ The Honorable Carte P. Goodwin 99L


Barrett K. Hawks 60B 63L ♦ Samuel S. Olens 83L ♦ Patrise Perkins-Hooker 84B 84L ♦ Leslie A. Powell 09L ♦ Priya B. Vivian 04C 09L


Hon. T. Jackson Bedford Jr. 73L
 ♦ Aaron L. Buchsbaum 54L ♦ Carl W. Mullis 75L


Hon. Gordon D. Giffin 74L ♦ Ruth J. Katz 77L ♦ Thomas A. Reynolds 77L


John M. Dowd 65L ♦ Susan Hoy 74L ♦ Teri Plummer McClure 88L


Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming 93L ♦ John C. Staton Jr. 63L ♦ Harry V. Lamon Jr. 58L


C. Robert Henrikson 72L ♦ Charles H. Battle Jr. 70L ♦ James V. Carmichael 33C 34L* ♦ Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver 72L ♦ Courtland L. Reichman 95L


Henry L. Bowden Jr. 74L (Medal) ♦ Jeanne Johnson Bowden 77L ♦ Harry C. Howard 55L ♦ Hon. William L. Norton Jr. 42Ox 48C 50L


Fred D. Bentley Sr. 49L ♦ Hon. Brenda Hill Cole 77L ♦ Hon. Edward E. Elson 59L ♦ Charles T. Lester Jr. 64C 67L


Hon. Stanley F. Birch Jr. 70L 76L ♦ Kenneth F. Murrah 55C 58L ♦ John B. Zellars 50L*


Hon. Thurbert E. Baker 79L ♦ Dorothy Y. Kirkley 71L ♦ Hon. Thomas B. Wells 73L


Sen. Thomas F. Allgood 51L* ♦ Cecil C. Malone Jr. 41B 50L ♦ Kevin A. Ross 80L ♦ W. Terence Walsh 70L


J. Guy Beatty Jr. 57L ♦ Hon. Elmo Holt 48L* ♦ Jean Zimmerman 75L


Hon. William W. Daniel 43C 45L* ♦ Chilton Davis Varner 76L ♦ Felker W. Ward Jr. 71L (Medal)


Hon. Sanford Bishop Jr. 71L ♦ Patricia Dwinnell Butler 31L* (Medal) ♦ Hon. Lewis R. Slaton 48L*


A. Paul Cadenhead 49L ♦ Hon. Patricia D. McMahon 68L ♦ Hon. Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore 71L (Medal) ♦ C.B. Rogers 51C 53L


Dana S. Creel 33C 34L* ♦ Hon. Tillie Kidd Fowler 64C 67L* (Medal) ♦ Robert W. Scherer 50L ♦ George W. Williams 33L*


Hon. Frank M. Hull 73L ♦ Hon. Willis Hunt Jr. 54L ♦ Hon. Elliott H. Levitas 52C 56L ♦ Hugh F. MacMillan 34L* ♦ Edgar Neely Jr. 34L* ♦ Chester N. Posey 49L ♦ J. Ben Shapiro Jr. 64C 67L (Medal)


Hon. Anthony A. Alaimo 48L (Medal) ♦ Hon. Orinda Evans 68L ♦ Clifford Oxford Jr. 61L* ♦ Hon. Leah J. Sears 80L (Medal) ♦ Hon. Glenda Hatchett 77L (Medal)


A. Gus Cleveland Jr. 41L* ♦ Professor Lucy S. McGough 66L ♦ Hon. William C. O’Kelley 51C 53L ♦ K. Martin Worthy 41C 47L


Hon. Charles A. Moye Jr. 39C 43L


Hon. Clarence Cooper 67L ♦ Hon. Wyche Fowler Jr. 69L ♦ Devereaux F. McClatchey 25C 28L* ♦ Albert W. Stubbs Jr. 34C 36L*


Hon. Marvin Arrington Sr. 67L (Medal) ♦ Hon. James C. Hill 48L ♦ Dean Ben F. Johnson Jr. 36C 40L 05H* (Medal) ♦ James W. Walker Jr. 53L


Hugh M. Dorsey Jr. 33C 35L* ♦ Sol I. Golden 26L* ♦ Hon. Peyton S. Hawes 27C 29L* ♦ Edwin L. Sterne 28C 29L* ♦ Robert T. Thompson Sr. 51C 52L* (Medal)


W. Stell Huie 52C 53L ♦ Charles E. Watkins Jr. 62L*


Gardner B. Allen 28C 30G 33L* (Medal) ♦ Paul H. Anderson Sr. 38C 40L (Medal) ♦ Henry L. Bowden Sr. 32C 34L 59H* (Medal) ♦ Harllee Branch Jr. 31L* ♦ Dr. Thomas E. Bryant Sr. 58C 62M 63MR 67L (Medal) ♦ Emmett B. Cartledge Jr. 31C 33L* (Medal) ♦ Aubrey F. Folts 26C 27L* (Medal) ♦ Granger Hansell 22C 24L* (Medal) ♦ J. Robin Harris 48C 49L* (Medal) ♦ Hon. Harold N. Hill Jr. 57L ♦ Hon. G. Conley Ingram 49C 51L (Medal) ♦ Boisfeuillet Jones 34C 37L* (Medal) ♦ James A. Mackay 40C 47L* ♦ Sen. Sam Nunn Jr. 61L 62L (Medal) ♦ Hon. Ralph H. Pharr 23L* ♦ Erle Phillips 41B 48L* (Medal) ♦ Eleonore Raoul 20L 79H* ♦ Randolph W. Thrower 34C 36L (Medal) ♦ J. Pollard Turman 34C 35L 73H* (Medal) ♦ Robert F. Whitaker 27L* (Medal) ♦ Robert S. Wiggins 36C 39L* (Medal)

* deceased

(Medal) denotes Emory Medal recipient


  • The Honorable Glenda Hatchett 77L—television judge on the show “Judge Hatchett”


  • Andrew R. Klein 88L—Dean and Paul E. Beam Professor of Law at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law; public interest
  • Luis A. Aguilar 85L—commissioner of the US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Aloke S. Chakravarty 97L—co-chair of Snell & Wilmer's White Collar Defense and Investigations practice group, Denver, CO; co-lead prosecutor in the Boston Marathon bombing case
  • Samuel S. Olens 83L - former attorney general of Georgia


  • Facundo L. Bacardi 96L—current Bacardi chairman
  • C. Robert Henrikson 72L—former Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of MetLife Inc.
  • Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr. 83L—president and chief executive officer of Moody's Corporation

Judges (Federal, State, and Supreme Court)

  • The Honorable Elizabeth L. "Lisa" Branch 94L—US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
  • The Honorable Rowland W. Barnes 72L—Former Atlanta Superior Court
  • The Honorable Stanley F. Birch, Jr. 70L 76L—US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
  • The Honorable Leo Gordon 77L—US Court of International Trade
  • The Honorable Catharina Dubbelday Haynes 86L—US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit
  • The Honorable Frank Mays Hull 73L—US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit
  • The Honorable Leah Ward Sears 80L—Georgia Supreme Court Justice

State Appellate Courts

  • Presiding Justice P. Harris Hines 68L, Georgia Supreme Court (current)
  • Judge M. Yvette Miller 88L, Georgia Court of Appeals (current)
  • Judge Elizabeth L. Branch, Georgia Court of Appeals (current)


  • David I. Adelman 89L—former United States Ambassador to Singapore; former member of the Georgia Senate from the 42nd district
  • The Honorable Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. 71L—US Representative for Georgia's 2nd congressional district
  • Benjamin Bentley Blackburn 54L—R-GA U. S. House of Representatives 1967-1975
  • Tillie Flower 67L—R-FL, U. S. House of Representatives, 1993-2001
  • The Honorable W. Wyche Fowler, Jr. 69L – former United States Senator from Georgia; former member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia's 5th district; 22nd United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
  • The Honorable Gordon D. Giffin 74L—34th United States Ambassador to Canada
  • The Honorable Carte Goodwin 99L—former United States Senator from West Virginia
  • Eléonore Raoul Greene 20L—first female admitted to Emory University; chaired the Fulton and DeKalb County branches of the Equal Suffrage Party of Georgia; organized the Atlanta League of Women Voters
  • The Honorable Elliott H. Levitas 52C 56L—former member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia's 4th district
  • The Honorable Sam A. Nunn, Jr. 61L 62L—former United States Senator from Georgia; former Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee
  • Randolph William Thrower 34C 36L—former Commissioner of Internal Revenue under President Richard Nixon
  • Teresa Pike Tomlinson 91L—mayor of Columbus, Georgia


  • Robert T. Jones, Jr. 29L—first golfer to win the “Grand Slam” Tournament; developer of the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, GA
  • The Reverend Bernice Albertine King 90L 90T—daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King; minister