For Alumni

The Center for Professional Development & Career Services provides services and resources to assist Emory Law graduates who are conducting employment searches or contemplating career changes.

Get Involved

There are many ways Emory Law alumni can get involved in assisting students and other alumni with employment searches.

Alumni Resources

Emory Law graduates can access most of our resources and job listings via Symplicity » To register for this service, contact Garnett Taylor. Include your full name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, and Emory Law graduation month and year. You will receive an e-mail giving you instructions for logging on to the system.

View job listings from many law schools around the country on Brigham Young University's Intercollegiate Job Bank » The site is navigable by state. Please note that other Georgia area schools’ listings are on BYU’s job bank website (i.e., UGA Law School’s listings, etc.). We encourage you to review every school’s listings within your particular state(s) of interest since listings may differ among schools in the same region. E-mail Garnett Taylor for the user ID and password.

Alumni are welcome to schedule one-on-one appointments with one of our advisers. Contact our office at 404.727.6513 to schedule a telephone or in-person appointment. Please call as far in advance as possible to schedule an appointment; a limited number of appointments are available each week.

NALP member law schools support a policy of providing employment search assistance to students and graduates of other schools through reciprocity.

Reciprocity services vary among the law schools that offer reciprocity. These services may include access to

  • the host law school's career services facilities
  • legal publications, directories, handouts, and resource library
  • job listings (typically on-site only, and not online)

Typically, the following services are not available through reciprocity: 

  • participation in recruitment programs
  • advising appointments
  • resume review services

The duration of reciprocity services also varies from school to school, and, when granted, services are usually available for a limited time or limited number of visits. Many schools have additional restrictions on who may use resources (e.g., only recent graduates), so be sure to check the appropriate school's reciprocity policy.

In addition, most law schools have a "blackout" period—a time during which no reciprocity requests are granted and during which reciprocity is unavailable. This usually occurs from mid to late summer until late fall during which time law schools are preparing for and conducting their on-campus recruitment programs.

All law school career services offices reserve the right to refuse services to any individual school or to any person who misuses or abuses the staff, facilities, and/or resources of the host school. A law school may also suspend reciprocity access to one particular school if that school's requests become substantially disproportionate.

It is important to understand that every law school has its own reciprocity requirements. While a few law schools accept reciprocity requests via e-mail, telephone or fax, most law schools require a written request for reciprocity from the requesting law school's office of career services. This request should be sent several weeks in advance of the student's/graduate's planned visit. In some geographic areas with several law schools in close proximity (such as New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, etc.) reciprocity services may be arranged only with one law school in that area.

If you would like to make a request for reciprocity, e-mail Garnett Taylor, providing your name, Emory Law graduation year, e-mail address, telephone number and mailing address, as well as the name of the school from which you are requesting reciprocity. If reciprocity is granted, it is important for you to read and honor the reciprocity policy of the host school. Failure to comply with school policies may result in the termination of reciprocity privileges.

Emory Law Policy

Emory University School of Law Center for Professional Development & Career Strategy provides reasonable access to resources to students or alumni of law schools outside the state of Georgia.

  1. SERVICES are available only on a one-to-one basis. We will allow one non-Emory student or graduate to use our office for every Emory student or graduate granted reciprocity at another school’s career services office. Note that access will not be permitted to Emory Law's Career Center if the requesting student or alumnus/ae is currently receiving visitation privileges from Georgia State University School of Law, The University of Georgia School of Law, Mercer University School of Law, or the John Marshall School of Law.
  2. RECIPROCITY is granted to students and alumni of other law schools for a period of two consecutive months (starting on the date in which the grant is sent to the student) on the following basis:
    • Access to the Career Services library and resources.
    • Online job listings access (This service available only in-office).
    • Counseling services are not available.
  3. SUBSEQUENT REQUESTS for reciprocity (i.e. a request made at the expiration of the two month period of the reciprocity grant) will be considered on a case by case basis.
  4. REQUESTS for reciprocity services must be submitted by a career services official at least two weeks prior to any visit. An address for the student or alumnus/ae must be provided. Individuals appearing in our office without a request letter in hand will not be granted services. Upon arrival, visitors are requested to check in with the administrative assistant at the front desk.
  5. SUSPENSION of services is effective from August 1st to December 1st of each year. No reciprocity requests will be granted during this period.
  6. COUNSELING APPOINTMENT times are not available to students or alumni of other law schools.
  7. Applicants are REQUIRED TO STATE IN COVER LETTERS to employers that the job listing(s) was/were received from this office through a reciprocal agreement with their school. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of reciprocity privileges.