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Symposium to explore the 'war' on the civil justice system

A. Kenyatta Greer |

Emory Law and the Pound Civil Justice Institute will sponsor an academic symposium Thursday, Oct. 15, at the law school on "The 'War' on the Civil Justice System."

Presenters will include leading scholars on the U.S. justice system, including keynote speaker Judith Resnik of Yale Law School, professors from Emory Law and other top law schools, and representatives from The American Bar Foundation and the American Bar Endowment. The symposium will include the following topics:

  • Disappearing Courts: The Diminished Use of and Access to Civil Litigation
  • Tort "Reform" and its Impact on the Development of U.S. Law
  • The Current State, and Future, of Class Action

Mary Collishaw, executive director of the Pound Institute, spoke to her organization's goals for the event: "This symposium with Emory Law is a continuation of Pound’s work to facilitate dialogue among judges, academics and practitioners about issues impacting the civil justice system. Specifically, the Oct. 15 program will examine the factors threatening access to the civil justice system, and how these impact America’s vital Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial in civil cases."

The symposium papers will appear in Vol. 65, No. 6 of the Emory Law Journal and will be available on the Pound Institute's website. The symposium, co-sponsored by Emory Law and the Pound Institute, will be free for law professors, law students, judges, symposium contributors and Pound Fellows. Practitioners can attend for $100 in advance ($125 on-site). A total of 5.4 CLE credit hours for the symposium have been approved by the state of Georgia.  

More information and online registration are available at or call 202-944-2841.