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Emory faculty participate in rule of law conference in Warsaw, Poland

Emory University School of Law |
Poland-US Conference on the Rule of Law
University of Warsaw

Dean James B. Hughes, along with Professors Robert B. Ahdieh and Robert A. Schapiro and from Emory University School of Law will participate in the Poland-US Conference on the Rule of Law on June 26 to discuss the development, meaning, and definition of the rule of law; the rule of law and separation of powers; the role of the justice system in the rule of law, and the role of local governments in the rule of law. The Poland-US Conference on the Rule of Law is being held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Center for American Law Studies, a joint program of the faculty of law and administration of the University of Warsaw, Emory University School of Law and Georgia State University College of Law. 

Emory Law’s participating faculty will be joined by distinguished lawyers and professors from American, Polish and other universities, including, among others: 

  • Linda Klein, immediate past president of the American Bar Association
  • Professors Eric J. Segall, Ryan Rowberry, Julian Juergensmeyer, and Dean Wendy F. Hensel from Georgia State University College of Law
  • Professor Feridun Yenisey from Bascesehir University in Istanbul
  • Professor Christopf-Eric Mecke from Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Professors Adam Bodnar, Tatiana Chauvin, Hanna Machińska, Marcin Matczak, Paweł Marcisz, Ryszard Piotrowski, Janusz Trzciński, Dawid Sześciło, and Marcin Wiącek from the University of Warsaw

Previous Emory Law participants include professors Laurie Blank, Michel Broyde, Nancy Daspit, Rich Freer, Rafael Pardo, George Shepherd, Sasha Volokh, and Paul Zwier.

The conference will take place in the heart of Warsaw at the University of Warsaw campus. All presentations will be given in Polish and English, and live streaming will be available with simultaneous translation.

The Center for American Law Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw is a one-year program designed for law students and graduates with particular interest in the American legal system. The center started its operation in October 1998 as a joint program with the University of Florida. In 2016, Emory University School of Law and Georgia State University College of Law became partners in this highly respected program.

During the academic year, the center offers ten courses taught by US professors from partner law schools, such as: Introduction to American Law, Constitutional Law, US Trial, Torts, Contracts, Legal Writing, Business Organizations, Intellectual Property, Family Law, National Security, and others. The courses are specially designed and selected to give students the best understanding of the common law system, unique issues of the American legal system, and the rule of law.