Study Abroad
Emory Law students may elect to participate in a semester abroad at an approved exchange program institution.

Emory Law provides interested students numerous opportunities for international law to be part of their law school experience. Options include a robust comparative law program, externships, clinical opportunities, internationally-focused student organizations, and study abroad options. In an ever-growing diverse and global legal environment, there is significant value in including an international component to legal education.

Participating in one of Emory Law’s international exchange programs is a unique opportunity to complement Emory’s classroom studies in Atlanta with immersion in another society’s law school experience. The primary educational objectives that Emory Law students should achieve in studying abroad include:

a) Experiencing diverse cultures to understand how to counsel clients involved in international legal situations;

b) Exploring international legal systems to prepare for increasingly global legal interactions and transactions;

c) Understanding the impact of the rule of law and its interpretation in non US legal environments;

d) Learning about a specific legal system in which the student has a particular interest or focus.

Only 3-year JD students may study abroad in one of Emory Law’s approved programs in their first semester third year. (JD students admitted through the transfer or accelerate JD for international lawyers are not eligible.)  Students apply through Emory Law in the spring of their 2L year for consideration to study at one of Emory Law’s partner schools.

If you are interested in studying abroad fall 2018, prepare a letter of interest describing your reasons for participating in a particular program, how this experience will enhance your law career goals, along with a current resume. Submit these materials to Jessica Dworkin via email in the Office of Admission no later than Monday, February 12, 2018. 

Approved Exchange Programs

Bucerius Law School, Hamburg Germany »

KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University »

Singapore Management University, Singapore »

Trinity College, Dublin Ireland »

University of British Columbia »

University of St. Gallen »

University of Sydney, Sydney Australia »