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International Humanitarian Law Clinic

Teaching International Humanitarian Law Workshop

Law of War Training
Emory Law's International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Clinic hosts Teaching International Humanitarian Law workshops in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Intended as a teaching tool for law professors, the Teaching IHL workshops guide participants in developing stand-alone IHL courses, integrating IHL modules into their curricula, or revamping current teaching methods of IHL. The workshops provide an opportunity for law faculty to think creatively about their teaching of IHL and to network with others to support and expand their teaching of IHL topics.

Topics include:

  • Defining the scope and content of an IHL class
  • Exploring the intersection between international human rights law, international criminal law, and IHL
  • Incorporating IHL modules into the teaching of courses such as public international law, national security law, immigration law, constitutional law, and administrative law
  • Identifying strategies for developing curricula and responding to current events, as well as teaching IHL with an international perspective

In conjunction with the Teaching IHL workshops, the IHL Clinic and the International Committee of the Red Cross partner to produce Teaching IHL supplements, which offer materials for faculty interested in incorporating IHL into other courses, such as International Law, International Criminal Law, National Security Law, Human Rights, and a variety of other topics. Each supplement includes analysis, suggestions for cases and materials to use in class, and discussion questions and suggested answers.

Download Teaching IHL Supplements