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March 2013 In the News Archive | Emory University School of Law

Robert A. Schapiro

Schapiro addresses California's Proposition 8 and same-sex marriage ruling

Robert Shapiro, Dean of Emory Law School, comments on the Supreme Court consideration of California¿s Proposition 8 in an interview with Bill Rankin of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Mary L. Dudziak

Dudziak op-ed in New York Times: "Obama's Nixonian Precedent"

On March 17, 1969, President Richard M. Nixon began a secret bombing campaign in Cambodia, sending B-52 bombers over the border from South Vietnam. This episode, largely buried in history, resurfaced recently in an unexpected place: the Obama administration's white paper, justifying targeted killings of Americans suspected of involvement in terrorism.

Melissa D. Carter

Georgia tries to steer more juveniles toward help

Melissa Carter, director of the Barton Child Law and Policy Center, discusses a proposal to overhaul Georgia¿s juvenile justice system that has passed the House and is expected to be before the Senate this week.

Emory Law launches veterans clinic

Emory Law launches veterans clinic

A new student-founded clinic at Emory University School of Law will focus on justice for Atlanta-area veterans by providing free legal representation for disability benefit claims and appeal hearings. Students also will work alongside experienced attorneys on legislation and other initiatives to create an alternative court for Georgia veterans involved in criminal proceedings.

Emory Law Ranks at 23 Nationally in U.S. News "Best Graduate Schools 2014"

Emory Law Ranks at 23 Nationally in U.S. News "Best Graduate Schools 2014"

Emory Law School ranked 23rd in the nation in the annual U.S. News best graduate schools edition, up from 23 last year.

Robert A. Schapiro

Schapiro considers: Will Georgia be affected if U.S. Supreme Court throws out gay marriage bans? It Depends.

Dean Robert Schapiro assesses the Supreme Court's rulings on two same-sex marriage cases that could become legal landmarks.