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SCOTUS Analysis: A preview of DACA

On the last day of the term, the justices surprised many by agreeing to take up DACA, setting in motion for next year the highly anticipated argument over immigration policy and presidential authority left hanging three years ago with the court¿s 4-4 split in a related case, United States v. Texas.
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Faculty represent inmate to win appeal concerning beards as religious practice

A federal judge has ordered the Georgia Department of Corrections to amend its policies to allow inmates to grow beards up to 3 inches long, if their religious beliefs forbid shaving, says the Daily Report. The judge said the exemption could be revoked "based on the inmate's behavior and compliance with the revised grooming policy." Emory Law faculty Sarah Shalf and Mark Goldfeder were appointed by an appeals court to represent Muslim inmate Lester Smith.
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