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Emory Law announces Bederman Research Professorship, Fellowships

Today, Emory Law announced the establishment of the David J. Bederman Research Professorship and its first recipient, Jonathan Nash. The professorship will be awarded annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a faculty member. Also this fall, the law school will open applications for the David J. Bederman Fellowship in International Law.
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NYTimes features Shepherd, Kang study: How attack ads affect justices' votes

The New York Times featured Professors Joanna Shepherd and Michael Kang's just-released study, "Skewed Justice." The study had two major findings: (1) The more TV ads aired during state supreme court judicial elections in a state, the less likely justices are to vote in favor of criminal defendants, and (2), justices in states whose bans on corporate and union spending on elections were struck down by Citizens United were less likely to vote in favor of criminal defendants than they were before the decision.
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