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May 2014 In the News Archive | Emory University School of Law

Jonathan R. Nash

Nash on cooperative federalism and the Clean Air Act

Some regulatory regimes are "cooperative federalism" regimes, under which the federal and state governments work together to achieve federal regulatory goals. Cooperative federalism regimes offer two substantial benefits: They improve federal-state relations by empowering states to act under federal law, and they allow society to reap the benefit of state innovation instead of having one federal law preempt the field.

Laurie R. Blank

Blank for the Hill, Law of Armed Conflict does not require transparency

Transparency is the new buzzword in counterterrorism. Two U.N. special rapporteurs and numerous human rights groups, among others, now regularly call for transparency about drone strikes and other counterterrorism operations. These demands for transparency focus on who is being targeted, who else (namely civilians) is being killed, which governmental agency is launching the strikes, and under what legal rationale such strikes are authorized and carried out. In other words, the transparency debate is about law, not about battle plans, military readiness or other operations questions, but about law and legal analysis.

Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

An-Na'im asserts, "It's time for American Muslims to tell their stories."

Emory Law professor Abdullahi An-Na'im's latest book, What Is an American Muslim? Embracing Faith and Citizenship (Oxford University Press, 2014), asserts that "American Muslims should engage in the civil and political life of the country as citizens informed by their faith, rather than as a community separated by religion."

Atlanta Business Chronicle: TI:GER team plans to market class project

Atlanta Business Chronicle: TI:GER team plans to market class project

The students behind LymphaTech met through Georgia Tech's Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) program, a program in collaboration with Emory that aims to create future business opportunities by fostering relationships between the law and technology.

Timothy R. Holbrook

Holbrook in the AJC, no basis for Georgia same-sex marriage ban

Georgia has become the next battleground in the marriage equality war. Recently, Lambda Legal challenged Georgia's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in federal court, arguing that the ban violates the U.S. Constitution. So far, the courts that have considered this issue have unanimously concluded that such bans are unconstitutional.

Dorothy A.  Brown

Brown on The Craig Fahle Show: home ownership keeps blacks poorer

Home ownership has been an important vehicle in creating a solid white middle class, but it has not done the same for most black homeowners. Dorothy Brown, Professor of Law at Emory University Law School spoke to Craig Fahle about how research shows that homes in majority black neighborhoods do not appreciate as much as homes in overwhelmingly white neighborhoods.