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NY Times quotes Goldfeder on mosque controversy

NY Times quotes Goldfeder on mosque controversy

Senior Lecturer Mark Goldfeder was quoted in the New York Times on the Justice Department's decision to file a lawsuit against a New Jersey township. It alleges discrimination against Muslim residents who want to build a mosque there. The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act was intended to protect all religious faiths, but 11 of the last 13 cases brought by the Justice Department have involved Muslims. "The law, by its very nature, deals with particularly vulnerable populations," Goldfeder said. "It's so easy for towns to hide discrimination behind layers of land-use procedure."

Mark Goldfeder

Goldfeder for CNN: What Trump can do for Aleppo

In 2016, the American Center for Law and Justice published a seven-point plan to stop the ISIS genocide against Christians, which can be applied in any instance where the U.S. recognizes that genocide is taking place, Senior Lecturer Mark Goldfeder writes with co-author Ján Figel. "These practical steps for governmental intervention include calling upon the various U.N. organs to formally recognize the genocides taking place, to prosecute war criminals and to establish in-region safe zones for genocide victims, which would also eliminate the need for mass refugee relocation," the op-ed reads.

Joanna M. Shepherd

Shepherd: Is Trump friend or foe to pharmaceutical industry?

On Nov. 9, pharmaceutical stocks soared as Donald Trump's election victory eased concerns about government intervention in drug pricing, Emory Law Professor Joanna Shepherd writes for Morning Consult. Pharmaceutical stocks had generally underperformed this year as the market, like much of America, awaited a Clinton victory. Trump had less to say on drug pricing, hence the market's favorable response to his unexpected victory. "Yet, as the end of the first post-election month draws near, we are still uncertain whether Trump is friend or foe to the pharmaceutical industry," she writes.

GPB talks with Metzger about courtroom theater skills

GPB talks with Metzger about courtroom theater skills

For Georgia Public Broadcasting's "Lessons from Left Field," Celeste Headlee and Sean Powers talked with Emory Law Adjunct Professor Janet Metzger about her classes on courtroom theater. "The law school conducts classes you expect--contracts, torts--but it also offers one you might not: drama. The professor behind it--and before it--is Janet Metzger. We talked with her and law student Prasad Hurra about the class."