Welcome, Class of 2018
We look forward to seeing you on campus in August.

Welcome Week: Week of August 10, 2015

First Day of Classes:  Monday, August 17, 2015


Join the Class of 2018 Facebook page and connect with your 1L classmates. You can network with students coming to Emory Law from your region, share housing opportunities and look for potential roommates, and get helpful tips from current students who are happy to share their experiences and suggestions.

Emory Law students

As you prepare to join us at Emory Law, we have a checklist of actions and forms to complete.

1. American Bar Association (ABA) regulations require that we receive a hardcopy of your final undergraduate transcript indicating the date of your degree conferral. Please send an original, final transcript to Rogenia Gouch, Emory Law Admission, 1301 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30322. (Transcripts sent to LSAC do not fulfill this requirement.)

2. Health Forms and Insurance Requirements. Complete all required student health information and health forms online with Emory University's online Health Services Portal »

3. Review our Laptop and Computer Recommendations:  Emory Law students are required to own a computer. We recommend that you invest in a new notebook computer from a reputable manufacturer with a three-year warranty. Try to purchase a notebook computer that balances light weight and long battery life. Most exams are taken on computer and most faculty members permit students to take notes on computer in class. The law school supports both Mac and Windows systems. The University provides anti-virus software and the University plans to provide Microsoft Office365 to students beginning in fall, 2014. Barnes and Noble at Emory offers an excellent bundle package for students' technological needs. Learn more »

4.  Complete the Haven Online Education Module. All incoming Emory University students are required to complete the Haven online education module. This module will provide you with information on preventing and responding to interpersonal violence in the Emory community. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete (closed captioning is available for video portions).  All Emory Law students must complete this course by Friday, August 14Click here to begin Haven » For more information on Haven or technical support please email haven.help@emory.edu » For more information on free and confidential support resources at Emory University or near you (if you are not on currently on campus) please visit The Respect Program »

After April 15

5.  Set Up Your Network ID and Password. Your NetID allows you to access OPUS (Online Pathway to University Students) » Set up your Network ID here »

6. Log In to OPUS (Online Pathway to University Students), your portal to student accounts, the registrar, and many other services at Emory. Explore OPUS and get familiar with the resources you will use as an Emory Law student. Submit a help request if you cannot log in or access OPUS. Include your first and last name and your Emory Net ID. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PASSWORD.

7. Create an Emory Email Account » We will activate your Emory e-mail account in early July. You will then access your account using the same NetID and password that you use for OPUS access. Your email address is your NETID(at)emory.edu. If you attended Emory as an undergraduate student, your default Emory account is your Exchange account. Forward messages from Learnlink or EagleMail to your new Exchange account.

8. Upload Your Photo for Your EmoryCard (Student ID) » The EmoryCard is the official ID Card of Emory University. It permits access to facilities and events and can be used to purchase goods and services at the university and at a wide range of merchants throughout the community. The image you upload must be on a white or solid neutral background. During Orientation, your IDs will be available at check-in each morning.

9. Register for On-Campus Parking. Online registration will open in late summer 2015. Review campus parking options at http://parking.emory.edu »

Information effective as of December 2, 2014.

Housing Options

Emory University does not provide on-campus graduate housing. 

While we are unable to recommend specific properties, there are several nearby complexes to consider. You may also want to network with peers via the Class of 2018 Facebook page for roommate opportunities.

Nearby Apartment Complexes

Students with disabilities can contact Emory's Office of Disability Services for specific information on obtaining an Individualized Accommodation Plan.