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Emory Law's Centers sponsor research, conferences, workshops, and symposia on a wide range of legal topics.

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Emory Law's centers engage legal scholars working on the front lines of policy and research.

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Emory Law's Diversity Speaker series focuses on diversity in the legal profession.

News Releases

The Appeal for Youth Clinic at Emory works to end juvenile life without parole in Georgia

The Barton Child Law and Policy Center expanded its clinical offerings in 2011 with the addition of the Appeal for Youth Clinic.  Since then, Adjunct Clinical Instructor Stephen Reba and his clinic students have been disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline by reshaping legal precedent. 
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In the News

Dudziak for Politico: Obama can learn from George Washington

Politico asked several historians, "Which president had the best last year in office?" Emory Law Professor Mary Dudziak says President George Washington made a powerful choice in not seeking a third term (which is now a constitutional requirement). Obama can lead by choosing not to act, she says. "Instead of bypassing Congress, if Obama refused to project American military force in Iraq, Syria or elsewhere without an authorization from Congress, it would set a striking example and serve as a powerful legacy," Dudziak writes.
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