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Skilled Teachers

Emory Law faculty are innovative and dynamic teachers both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Our faculty are experts in their fields and have published widely in leading law reviews, books, and textbooks.

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Renowned legal experts share their expertise in conferences, symposia, panel discussions, and other scholarly events throughout the year.

News Releases

Emory Law announces Kang as new Bederman Scholar

Emory Law has named Michael S. Kang the second recipient of the David J. Bederman Research Professorship. The professorship is awarded annually to recognize the outstanding contributions of a faculty member and offers a research leave to support continuing outstanding scholarly work.
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In the News

D.C. Circuit Court cites Volokh article in Amtrak opinion

Today, the D.C. U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed course in the Amtrak case, DOT v. Association of American Railroads. The court cites Associate Professor Alexander Volokh's Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy article, "The New Private-Regulation Skepticism: Due Process, Non-Delegation, and Antitrust Challenges." It resolves the case "pretty much exactly how I argued it should be resolved, both relying mostly on Due Process," Volokh writes for the Volokh Conspiracy.
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