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Law school is a marathon, not a sprint. Over the course of your time at Emory Law, there will be various stressors and it is important to take care of yourself holistically and not just academically. The university and law school have excellent resources to support students and we encourage you to take advantage of them as a student. Our office is happy to assist students in connecting to any of these resources and work to highlight them in a yearly “Wellness Week” each February

Wellbeing Support

Mental Health Resources


In these challenging times, it is even more important that we come together as a community to support each other to improve personal and professional wellbeing. With this in mind, OAESS has teamed up with AwareHealth- the only wellbeing platform designed for the legal community by lawyers.

AwareHealth is an app for students to download on their phones. It offers anonymous peer support, self-guided exercises, and ongoing webinars with industry experts. We're proud to partner with AwareHealth and offer an additional well-being support tool to all students. Use the following link to download the AwareHealth app: iPhone, Android. There is a specific Emory Law access code you will need when signing up. You can view this code by visiting this page on The Fourth Floor in Canvas.