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Develop your expertise early in the game by joining any of Emory Law’s 19 Practice Societies. These organizations combine faculty, student leaders, key alumni, and career strategy advisors to plan networking and professional development events focused around specific practice areas. Active participation in societies will help you bridge the academic realm and the real world of practice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Society

The Emory Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Society is one of Emory's premier practice society focusing on the three main areas on modern day dispute resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration. All students at Emory Law have the opportunity to compete on one of our teams in ABA Regional and National competitions.

Faculty policy states other students and student organizations may not use the Emory name in connection with a publication or interschool competition team without the consent of the Dean's office. The law school maintains an active interest in any function held on or off campus in which the name of Emory Law School is used. 

President: Nathan Casio-Lakos »

Banking and Financial Institutions Law Society

The Banking and Financial Institutions Law Society prepares students for careers in banking and finance, advising them on everything from classes to internships to jobs. Through contact with banking and finance professionals, including regulators, the society seeks to provide hard skills that students can use in their careers. Through educational events, students enter their internships and jobs with exposure to financial statements and language. Members play an active role in organizing events, meeting practitioners, and getting to know members of the school administration as they forge meaningful relationships that will enhance their careers.

President: Taylor Stein »

Bankruptcy Society

The purpose of this organization is to generate genuine student-interest in the field of bankruptcy and establish a network between Emory law students and bankruptcy practitioners.

President: Brandon Wood »

Child, Family, and Elder Law Society

As a practice society at Emory Law, we have several events throughout the year to allow students to learn what it's like to be a family, child or elder law attorney. These include panels by prominent attorneys in Atlanta and a brownbag lunch. 

President: Caleesha Body »

Civil Rights Law Practice Society

The Civil Rights Law Society focuses on the fundamental rights guaranteed to every US citizen regardless of race, religion, sex, age, or disability. Attorneys who are drawn to the practice of civil rights law have a passion for defending the Constitution and ensuring their clients' rights are protected.

President: Renuka Srivastava »

Communications and Media Law Society

The Communications & Media Law Society connects current Emory law students with with practicing media law attorneys. It serves as a forum for people with interests such as: newsgathering, privacy, telecommunications, digital and broadcast media and the entertainment industry.

President: Victor Andrade »

Corporate and Business Law Society (ECBLS) 

As the largest practice group society at Emory Law, we are dedicated to helping you find out more about practice of corporate law, as well as transactional law in general. 

Co-President: Carson Clear »

Co-President: Rachel Waddey »

Criminal Law Society

The Criminal Law Society brings together students and a team of faculty, staff, and alumni advisors to promote the professional development of law students interested in criminal law practice. Society members rub shoulders with prosecutors, public defenders, and private criminal defense attorneys to learn what day-to-day life is like in the world of criminal law. Society members help plan and participate in events providing exposure to the inner workings of the criminal courts. Members of the society learn from fellow law students the ins and outs of preparing effectively for a career at the criminal law bar. Upper-level students with a clear, demonstrated interest in criminal law practice may request to be paired with an experienced practitioner to advise them on professional development and job search strategies. But the Criminal Law Society is not all work-related. Society members enjoy the company of fellow students who share a sincere interest in criminal law practice, and informal social events are an integral part of the Criminal Law Society culture.

President: Trey Robinson »

Environmental Law and Conservation Society (ELCS)

The Environmental Law and Conservation Society (ELCS) works to foster the role of environmental law as a comprehensive practice area for careers ranging from government employment and public interest work to industry representation. The society emphasizes educational enrichment and hands-on experience in environmental conservation, helping students network with practitioners, learn about current environmental legal issues, and volunteer in the Atlanta community.

President: Addison Schlatter »

Health Law Society

The Health Law Society was created to inform and enrich Emory Law students' understanding of the possibilities and opportunities for a career in health care law.

Co-President: Eliza del Carmen »

Co-President: Kendall Schutzer »

Immigration Law Society

The Immigration Law Practice Society aims to promote immigration law dialogue, practice, policy, and scholarship at Emory Law School. Our purpose is to create opportunities for students interested in immigration law to interact with faculty, practitioners, judges, and community organizations in the field. The Immigration Law Society organizes and presents programming related to careers in immigration law and inform students of networking and career development opportunities.

President: Abigail Sepich »

International Law Society

The International Law Society brings together students with a common interest in private and public international law. In recognizing that the practice of international law involves a variety of areas, the society sponsors international business, public policy, and cultural events. The society assists students in preparing for careers in international law, provides information on educational and work opportunities abroad, and acts as a liaison with other international groups, especially the Center for International and Comparative Law (CICL) and the Emory International Law Review. The society helps to bring speakers from Emory and the surrounding community to raise the level of discourse and understanding of international issues. The society seeks to promote greater emphasis on international studies within the law school and on the Emory campus, and encourages the faculty and administration to dedicate more resources to the study of international law through course offerings, faculty appointments, study abroad programs and the presence of foreign students. 

Co-President: Mara Masters »

Co-President: Margaret Sport »

Intellectual Property Society

The Intellectual Property (IP) Society educates students about the various opportunities available in the area of intellectual property law. The IP Society holds a number of events throughout the school year and connects students with intellectual property practitioners.

President: Amoy Ellis »

Labor and Employment Law Society

Description coming soon.

President: Bonnie Schipper »

Litigation Society

Description coming soon.

President: Sam Schmuel »

National Security & Military Law Society

The purpose of the National Security & Military Law Society is to provide opportunities and resources to promote discourse and career development strategies for Emory Law students.

President: Harold Britton »

Real Estate Law Society

The Emory Law Real Estate Law Society educates students about the various opportunities available in the area of real estate law. The Real Estate Law Society holds a number of events throughout the school year and connects students with real estate law practitioners.

President: Julie Vo »

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The mission of SELS is to connect the Emory Law community with the Sports and Entertainment legal and non-legal community foster career opportunities and build relationships amongst individuals who share similar professional interests.

President: Shelly Kurland »

Tax Law Society

Emory's Tax Law Society (TLS) focuses on teaching and educating prospective tax attorneys about the field of Tax Law and the daily routines and procedures that go alongside. TLS welcomes individuals who have an interest in tax and aims to build a community of students with similar goals.

President: Lauren Maderia »