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Academic Calendar

As of 03.26.2021  |  All dates are subject to change.

Emory Law 2020-2021 Academic Calendar 

Fall 2020Aug 10 (M)First Day of Orientation
Aug 11 (Tu)Online Degree Application Opens
Aug 17 (M)Classes Begin (ADD/DROP inOPUS begins)
Aug 24 (M)Schedule Change Ends (ADD/DROP in OPUS ends)
Sept 07 (M)Labor Day (Classes will be held)
Sept 09 (W)Grading Basis Change Deadline (Pass/Fail Selection in OPUS
Sept 11 (F)Degree Application Deadline (Online Application Closes and late fee will be charged after this day)
Sept 16 (W)Date of Record
Oct 26 (M)-29 (F)Spring Pre-Registration Begins
Nov 13 (F)Classes End
Nov 16 - 24 (M-T)Exam Period - First Year Classes
Nov 26 - 27 (Th-F)Thanksgiving Recess
Dec 2 - 11 (W-F)Exam Period - Upper Level Courses
Dec 19 (Sa)End of Term/Graduation Date
Spring 2021
Jan 05 (Tu)Online Degree Application Opens
Jan 11 (M)Pre-term Activity (Grad Programs)
Jan 12 (Tu)Start of Asynchronous JM Classes
Jan 18 (M)MLK Holiday (no classes)
Jan 19 (Tu)Spring Graduation Application opens
Jan 19 (Tu)Classes Begin (ADD/DROP in OPUS begins)
Jan 26 (Tu)Schedule Change Ends (ADD/DROP in OPUS ends)
Feb 08 (M)Grading Basis Change Deadline
Feb 17 (W)Date of Record
Feb 19 (F)Spring Graduation Application closes
May 11 (Tu) – May 14 (F)Fall Pre-Registration Begins
May 17 (M) – May 28 (F)Registration for classes opens for all returning students
Apr 23 (F)Classes End
Apr 28 (w) - May 07 (F)Spring Exam Period
May 15 (Sa)End of Term/Graduation Date
June 21 (M) –  August 6 (F)Open Enrollment, including the Wait List

*Trial Techniques will run May 08-14 (Sa-F) for Spring 2021