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Emory Law faculty participate in and create a wide range of scholarship including books, articles, essays, and presentations. Here is a collection of writings, presentations, and media mentions.

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Margo Bagley.                                       Timothy R. Holbrook

Laurie Blank                                          Matthew B. Lawrence

Dorothy A. Brown                                 Nicole Morris

Deborah Dinner                                    Jonathan R. Nash

Mary Dudziak                                        Polly J. Price

Martha Albertson Fineman                 Jennifer Romig

George S. Georgiev                               Fred Smith Jr.

Faculty Spotlight

Matthew B. Lawrence

Matthew B. Lawrence is associate professor of law. Lawrence researches and publishes on health care finance, administrative law, and addictions. He has written widely on these subjects with articles published or forthcoming in Columbia Law Review; Florida Law Review; Duke Law Journal; Harvard Law and Policy Review; the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics; New York University Law Review; and William & Mary Law Review, among other journals.

Health Care Finance, Administrative Law, Addictions
Matthew Lawrence

Spring 2021 Insights

Here we present two issues with long and sometimes difficult histories—the process of selecting federal judges for lifetime appointments, and what constitutes a human right.

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Insights spring 2021

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