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Honduran refusal to cooperate with deportation highly unusual, Kuck says

A high-stakes legal case involving both deportation and DACA took an unusual turn when Honduran consulate officials refused to issue travel documents for a woman U.S. authorities want to deport as an illegal immigrant. Tania Romero entered the U.S. 20 years ago, and her son is attending Yale as a DACA-protected student. Romero has stage 4 cancer and her son says she could die if deported because she won't receive the care she needs in Honduras. Emory Law adjunct professor and immigration attorney Charles Kuck says the legal stance is remarkable. It's "highly unusual for a consulate to refuse to issue a travel document, especially in the Trump era when he has issued executive orders that seek to punish countries that refuse to accept their nationals. It must be a very grave situation indeed."
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