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Emory Law's Marketing and Communications Department provides comprehensive event planning services for events taking place at the law school.

Below you will find a basic checklist of actions to guide you through the planning process.

Action or RequirementContact
Type of space needed (lecture, meeting, activity-based, or outdoor)Operations
Back-up/rain locationOperations
Will building need to open early/late?Operations
Will additional or outside security be required?Operations
Will event include high-profile or notable guests?Dean's Office (Beth Damon)
Will the Dean participate/attend? Dean's Office (Beth Damon)
Speaker gifts (selected from three approved vendors)Requestor

Parking and Transportation

Action or RequirementContact
Flat lot parking required?Operations
Exterior directional signage (if custom required, contact MARCOM)Operations
Will your organization reimburse guests for Lowergate Parking Deck use?Operations
Van or bus required?Operations; Emory Parking & Transportation office will provide forms and requirements

Facility, Food, and Housekeeping 

Note that at least 6 weeks lead time is required for large event catering. Begin planning by scheduling a meeting with Amy Marcellana for catering and event management.

Things for you to consider for your event: do you need ...

  • Food for more than 15 people
  • Special set-up
  • Additional tables, chairs, linens, etc.
  • Utensils, plates, cups, napkins, etc.
  • Special accommodations (dietary, handicapped, other)
  • Weekend housekeeping
  • Alcohol and other drinks (Coca-Cola products only)

Contact: Operations and Amy Marcellana

Audio/Visual and Tech Support

Contact Scott Andrews to arrange for resources including:

  • Microphones/AV set-up in Tull
  • Recording of presentation
  • Skype/call-in/broadcasting
  • Echo 360
  • Guidance for visitors on in-house tech (classroom podiums)

Publicity and Signage

Note that at least 6 weeks lead-time is required for print items and materials produced by external vendors. 

Thingsn to consider for your event: do you need ...

  • RSVP form
  • Announcement for On the Docket and digital signs
  • Invitation
  • Program
  • Email
  • Press Release
  • Flyer
  • Other materials?

Submit a MARCCOM request form and then meet with a MARCOM team member to discuss your needs.

Payment and Reimbursement

Action or RequirementContact
Retain all receipts/invoices for reimbursementRequestor
PCard or Corporate Card will be usedDepartment or SBA
SmartKey will be used - provide numberOrganization's Treasurer