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Class Schedules

The schedule of classes is listed in alphabetical order to simplify locating course information. 


  • The schedule is subject to change so be sure to confirm the days/times in OPUS. 
  • Be sure to check the Course Descriptions for prerequisites, caps, and other pertinent information.
  • JD students wanting to enroll in more than 16 credit hours must obtain approval from Dean Katherine Brokaw. Please refer to Registration for more information on how to submit a request for credit overload approval. 
  • When reviewing the Exam Schedule, please refer to Exams for the policies governing exams, including exam conflicts, make-ups, the Conduct Code, etc.)


Fall 2020 1L Course Schedule

Fall 2020 Upper Level Course Schedule

Fall 2020 Exam Schedule

**Tentative** Spring 2020  Course Listing

Fall 2020 Upper Level Course Schedule

As of 07/21/2020, changes in bold, further subject to change

Class NbrCourse SectionTitleDaysStart TimeEnd TimeProfessorNotes
4533LAW  617A 001Adv. Commercial Real EstateM4:35 PM7:50 PMMinkin
4794LAW  875 001Adv.Iss. in White Collar CrimeTH6:00 PM8:10 PMGrubman
4485LAW  847 001Adv'd Civil Trial PracticeW6:30 PM8:40 PMWellon & Bartko
5212LAW  842A 001Adv'd Int'l NegotiationsTH2:10 PM4:20 PMZwier
4494LAW  648 001Adv'd Legal Writing & EditingM4:35 PM6:45 PMTerrell
4474LAW  605 001Alternative Dispute ResolutionM5:00 PM8:15 PMRogers & Menendez
4475LAW  605 002Alternative Dispute ResolutionW5:00 PM8:15 PMAthans & Rogers
4569LAW  605 003Alternative Dispute ResolutionSA/SU8:30 AMVariesLogue3 weeks only
4527LAW  560 001Am Legl Writ, Analys & Rsch.M/TH8:30 AM10:00 AMDaspit
4558LAW  560B 001Am Legl Writ, Analys & Rsch.IIM2:10 PM3:20 PMDaspit
4796LAW  734 001Analytical Methods/LawyersTU/TH10:20 AM12:00 PMVolokh
4947LAW  609S 001Arbitration Law: SurveyTH4:35 PM7:50 PMBroyde
4604LAW  590E 001ARC for Non-Lawyers ThorntonJM only
4608LAW  590E 002ARC for Non-Lawyers MathewsJM only
4645LAW  590E 003ARC for Non-Lawyers ThorntonJM only
4473LAW  716 001BankruptcyTU/TH12:15 PM1:55 PMPardo
4519LAW  635D 001Barton Appeal for Youth ClinicReba
4468LAW  635C 001Barton Child Law & Pol ClinicCarter
4647LAW  759E 001Bus. Oversight & Compliance CarterJM only
4521LAW  500X 001Business AssociationsM/W2:10 PM3:50 PMSavage
4576LAW  500X 002Business AssociationsTU/TH8:20 AM10:00 AMFreer
4628LAW  658 001Capital Defender PracticumMoore
4586LAW  698B 001Child Protection/Intl.Human RrTH4:35 PM7:50 PMLiwanga
4502LAW  635 001Child Welfare Law and PolicyTU2:10 PM4:20 PMCarter
4797LAW  727 001Citizenship & Immigration LawM/W2:10 PM3:50 PMPrice
4598LAW  707 001Comparative LawW4:35 PM7:50 PMRuskola
6315LAW 709 000Conflict of LawsM/W10:20 AM12:00 PMHayNEW
4483LAW  675 001Constitutional LitTU4:35 PM7:50 PMWeber Jr
4587LAW  622A 001Const'lCrim.Proc:InvestigationTU/TH12:15 PM1:55 PMCloud III
4677LAW  759A 001Corporate Compliance:OversightM5:40 PM7:50 PMRogers & Snyderman
4469LAW  959 002Courtroom Persuasion/Drama IW10:20 AM11:30 AMMetzger
4470LAW  959 001Courtroom Persuasion/Drama IW8:20 AM9:30 AMMetzger
4798LAW  622X 001Crim. Pretrial Motions Prac.TU6:15 PM9:30 PMKrepp
4668LAW  767 002Cross Exam. TechniquesTH5:00 PM8:15 PMLott & Norman
4626LAW  767 001Cross Exam. TechniquesM4:00 PM7:15 PMCosta
4708LAW  955 001SJD Dissertation DefensePurdom
4490LAW  659P 001Doing Deals: Complex Restruct.TH5:00 PM8:15 PMPayne
4477LAW  659A 002Doing Deals: Contract DraftingM4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4505LAW  659A 003Doing Deals: Contract DraftingTU4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4513LAW  659A 004Doing Deals: Contract DraftingTU4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4514LAW  659A 005Doing Deals: Contract DraftingW4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4515LAW  659A 006Doing Deals: Contract DraftingW4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4525LAW  659A 008Doing Deals: Contract DraftingTH4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4512LAW  659A 009Doing Deals: Contract DraftingTH4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4559LAW  659A 011Doing Deals: Contract DraftingW4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4492LAW  659A 001Doing Deals: Contract DraftingM4:35 PM7:50 PMPayne
4548LAW  659A 010Doing Deals: Contract DraftingM2:10 PM5:25 PMPayne
4476LAW  659B 001Doing Deals: Deal SkillsM4:35 PM7:55 PMKoops
4516LAW  659B 002Doing Deals: Deal SkillsTU4:35 PM7:55 PMKoops
4577LAW  659B 004Doing Deals: Deal SkillsW4:35 PM7:55 PMKoops
4522LAW  659F 001Doing Deals: General CounselM6:00 PM9:15 PMNotte
4503LAW  659N 001Doing Deals: IP TransactionsTU4:35 PM7:55 PMLytle Perry
4484LAW  659D 001Doing Deals: Private EquityTU4:00 PM6:15 PMCrowley
4517LAW  659M 001Doing Deals:Comm'l Lend. TransW4:35 PM7:55 PMPayne
4531LAW  745 001DUI TrialsM4:35 PM7:55 PMTatum
4589LAW  662 001Education Law and PolicyM4:35 PM6:45 PMWaldman
4644LAW  630E 001Entrepreneurship/InnovationMarbesJM only
4472LAW  697 001Environmental Advocacy W/STH4:35 PM6:45 PMZygmont
4555LAW  620 001European Union LawM/W10:20 AM12:00 PMTulibacka
4532LAW  632X 002EvidenceM/W2:10 PM3:50 PMMorrison
4504LAW  632X 001EvidenceM/W10:20 AM12:00 PMShepherd, G
4799LAW  632C 001Expert Witness ExaminationW6:30 PM8:40 PMSheffield
4596LAW  870I 001EXTERN: AdvancedW6:00 PM7:10 PMAmidon
4540LAW  870I 000EXTERN: AdvancedW3:00 PM4:10 PMAmidon
4508LAW  870D 001EXTERN: Civil LitigationW8:20 AM9:30 AMGiovinazzo
4510LAW  870F 000EXTERN: Corporate CounselM5:00 PM6:10 PMCavitt
4597LAW  870F 001EXTERN: Corporate CounselW8:30 AM9:40 AMNash, A.
4529LAW  870H 001EXTERN: Criminal DefenseW5:00 PM6:10 PMKleinrock
4507LAW  870C 001EXTERN: Govt CounselW4:35 PM5:45 PMAmidon
4622LAW  870E 002EXTERN: JudicialF9:20 AM10:30 AMHirokawa
4509LAW  870E 001EXTERN: JudicialF8:00 AM9:10 AMHirokawa
4511LAW  870G 001EXTERN: ProsecutionTU5:00 PM6:10 PMHames
4506LAW  870A 001EXTERN: Public InterestTU5:00 PM6:10 PMCadenhead & Segal
4652LAW  870A 002EXTERN: Public InterestTU5:00 PM6:10 PMKodish
4800LAW  870L 001EXTERN: Small FirmF4:45 PM5:55 PMNorman
4523LAW  643 001Family Law IIM/W8:20 AM10:00 AMCarter
4801LAW  640L 001Federal Income Tax: IndividualTU/TH2:10 PM4:25 PMBrown
4479LAW  890 001Fundamentals of Innov. IM4:35 PM7:50 PMMorris
4560LAW  736B 001Global Public Health LawTU6:15 PM8:25 PMBrady
4643LAW  744E 001Health Care Regulation RogersJM only
4574LAW  690B 001Human Rights AdvocacyTU/TH8:20 AM10:00 AMLudsin
4471LAW  653 001International Criminal LawM/W10:20 AM12:00 PMVan der Vyver
4487LAW  732 001International LawTU/TH10:20 AM12:00 PMBlank
4491LAW  631A 001Internet LawTU6:00 PM8:10 PMNodine
4535LAW  609L 001Intl Commercial ArbitrationM4:35 PM7:50 PMReetz
4467LAW  676C 001Intn'l Humanitarian Law ClinicTU2:10 PM4:25 PMBlank
4541LAW  570A LLMIntro to Am Legal System TH4:35 PM7:50 PMKosterLLM only
4605LAW  570E American Legal System MathewsJM only
4607LAW  570E American Legal SystemParrishJM only
4804LAW  627F 001Islamic FinanceTU/TH10:20 AM12:00 PMBambach
4665LAW  501A 000JM Online Program Success PurdomJM only
4666LAW  501B 000JM Residential Program Success PurdomJM only
4572LAW  670 001JurisprudenceM/W10:20 AM12:00 PMTerrell
4806LAW  783 001Jurisprudence of Human RightsTU/TH12:15 PM1:55 PMPerry
4480LAW  699C 001Juvenile Defender ClinicWaldman
4629LAW  870K 001Landlord Tenant Med.PracticumTU/TH8:45 AM4:15 PMPowell
4817LAW  628A 001Law & Economics of AntitrustM/W10:20 AM12:00 PMVolokh
4807LAW  715 001Law & The Unconscious MindTU/TH12:15 PM1:55 PMDuncan
4563LAW  708 001Law and ReligionTU4:35 PM7:50 PMPill
4578LAW  628B 001Law, Sustainability & Develop.TU/TH10:20 AM12:00 PMSamandari
4528LAW  747 001Legal ProfessionTU/TH12:15 PM1:55 PMElliott
4623LAW  747 002Legal ProfessionM/W8:20 AM10:00 AMRomig
4648LAW  738E 001Lgl & Ethic Topics HealthCare CucoloJM only
4808LAW  606 001Mediation AdvocacyTU/TH4:30 PM7:30 PMGmurzynska4 weeks only
4530LAW  882A 00PMock TrialTBD
4501LAW  887 000Moot CourtRomig
4489LAW  887A 000Moot CourtTBD
4809LAW  661 001Natural Resources LawTU/TH8:20 AM10:00 AMPurdom
4575LAW  656 003NegotiationsM6:15 PM8:25 PMAthans
4482LAW  656 002NegotiationsTU6:00 PM8:00 PMMiller & Rumfelt
4481LAW  656 001NegotiationsTU2:10 PM4:20 PMLytle Perry
4606LAW  599E 001Online Orientation & Residency PurdomJM only
4565LAW  754 001Patent LawTH4:35 PM7:55 PMVertinsky
5689LAW  755G 000Pretrial LitigationTU5:00 PM8:00 PMBoyce & Brooks
5084LAW  663 001Products LiabilityTU/TH10:20 AM12:00 PMZwier
4562LAW  599A 000Professionalism ProgramHoward
4676LAW  711 001Rel,Cult,Law in Comp.PracticeTU/TH12:15 PM1:55 PMLudsin
4818LAW  869 000SEM: Corp Acct/Social JusticeTH2:10 PM4:20 PMVertinsky
4810LAW  821 001SEM: Corporate GovernanceTU4:35 PM6:45 PMGeorgiev
4811LAW  811 001SEM: Critical Race TheoryW2:10 PM4:20 PMBrown
4812LAW  829R 001SEM: FederalismTU2:10 PM4:20 PMSchapiro
4630LAW  816 001SEM: Int'l Patent Law/PolicyTU2:10 PM4:20 PMBagley
4813LAW  844 001SEM: Judicial BehaviorTH2:10 PM4:20 PMShepherd, J
4538LAW  838 001Sem: Products LiabilityF12:00 PM2:10 PMVandall
4814LAW  746A 001SEM: Professional NegligenceTH4:35 PM6:45 PMPartlett
4534LAW  817 000SEM:Implement US Intn'l LawM2:10 PM4:20 PMVan der VyverNEW
4550LAW  910 00PSJD Research - G1Various Professors
4551LAW  920 00PSJD Research - G2Various Professors
4699LAW  930 WITTSJD Research - G3Various Professors
4526LAW  580A 000SJD Research & Dissert DevelopVarious Professors
4486LAW  891 001Special Topics/Technology IW4:35 PM7:50 PMMorris
5129LAW  574 001Supervised Essay on Legal PracKiber
4567LAW  719 001Trademark LawTU/TH10:20 AM12:00 PMBagley
4624LAW  671A 001Trial Practice AdvocacyTU6:15 PM8:25 PMNorman/Gardner/
4593LAW  671A 002Trial Practice AdvocacyF12:30 PM4:30 PMDeets & Norman
4466LAW  674 001Trusts And EstatesM/W8:00 AM10:15 AMPennell
4488LAW  697C 001Turner Environ Law ClinicGoldstein
4537LAW  685A 001Veterans Benefits LawM2:10 PM4:20 PMEarly
4675LAW  649 001Writing for Judicial ChambersTU2:10 PM4:20 PMParrish

Fall 2020 1L Course Schedule

As of 07/21/2020, subject to change

Class NbrCourse SectionTitleDaysStart TimeEnd TimeProfessorLocation
4493LAW 505 001Civil ProcedureTU/W/F1:00 PM2:35 PMFreerCOX
4499LAW 505 002Civil ProcedureM2:55 PM4:30 PMShepherd, GCOX
  W/TH8:30 AM10:05 AMShepherd, GCOX
4500LAW 505 003Civil ProcedureTU/F10:25 AM12:00 PMSchapiroCOX
  TH2:55 PM4:30 PMSchapiroCOX
4495LAW 510 001Legislation/RegulationM/W/F2:00 PM3:10 PMLawrenceGAMBRL
4497LAW 510 002Legislation/RegulationTU/TH/F2:00 PM3:10 PMPriceGAMBRL
4496LAW 510 003Legislation/RegulationM/TH1:45 PM3:30 PMNashONLINE
4458LAW 520 001ContractsM1:00 PM2:35 PMPinderCOX
  W/TH10:25 AM12:00 PMPinderCOX
4631LAW 520 002ContractsM/TH11:30 AM1:25 PMSybblisONLINE
4621LAW 520 003ContractsTU/F8:30 AM10:05 AMRuskolaCOX
  TH1:00 PM2:35 PMRuskolaCOX
4461LAW 535A 001Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommM/TH8:30 AM10:00 AMCarrollGAMBRL
4464LAW 535A 002Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommM/W8:00 AM9:30 AMCooperONLINE
4459LAW 535A 003Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommM/W8:00 AM9:30 AMKirkONLINE
4561LAW 535A 004Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommM/TH8:30 AM10:00 AMKosterGAMBRL
4460LAW 535A 005Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommM/W8:00 AM9:30 AMParrishONLINE
4463LAW 535A 006Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommM/TH8:30 AM10:00 AMPinderGAMBRL
4462LAW 535A 007Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommTU/F10:45 AM12:15 PMRomigONLINE
4465LAW 535A 008Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommTU/F10:45 AM12:15 PMSchwartzONLINE
LAW 535A 009Intro.Lgl Anlys, Rsrch & CommTU/F10:45 AM12:15 PMMathewsONLINE
4627LAW 550 001TortsTU/F8:00 AM10:25 AMSatzONLINE
4457LAW 550 002TortsM/W9:50 AM12:15 PMPartlettONLINE
4498LAW 550 003TortsTU/W/F2:55 PM4:30 PMVandallGAMBRL

Fall 2020 Exam Schedule (as of 7/27/2020)

Law & The Unconscious Mind
Legal Profession--Elliott
12/3/2020Business Associations--Savage
Veterans Benefits Law
Citizenship & Immigration Law
12/4/2020Intl Commercial Arbitration
Trusts And Estates
12/7/2020European Union LawMAKE-UP AFTERNOON
International Criminal Law
12/8/2020Trademark Law
International Law
Analytical Methods/Lawyers
12/9/2020Patent Law
Doing Deals: Private Equity
Internet Law
Federal Income Tax: Individual
12/10/2020Business Associations-FreerMAKE-UP AFTERNOON