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Class Schedules

The schedule of classes is listed in alphabetical order to simplify locating course information. 


  • The schedule is subject to change so be sure to confirm the days/times in OPUS. 
  • Be sure to check the Course Descriptions for prerequisites, caps, and other pertinent information.
  • JD students wanting to enroll in more than 16 credit hours must submit the Credit Overload Request form and obtain approval from Dean Katherine Brokaw. Please refer to Registration for more information on how to submit a request for credit overload approval. 
  • When reviewing the Exam Schedule, please refer to Exams for the policies governing exams, including exam conflicts, make-ups, the Conduct Code, etc.)

Fall 2021 Schedule

Fall 2021 Schedule (PDF file of all courses)


New classes: Conflict of Laws - Hay; Evidence - Zwier; and, SEM: Products Liability - Zwier

Cancelled class: SEM: Removal of Contentious Monuments - Y. Van der Vyver

Open Enrollment and Waitlists

  • Monday, June 21 – Friday, August 6: Open Enrollment, including the Wait List feature. Please note that OPUS will be completely down for upgrades June 18-20 and you will not be able to access the registration pages.

SPRING 2021 EXAM SCHEDULE (as of 4.26.21, changes made are in bold font)

Exam formats A, B, & C are found in the EBB Student Portal (
Exam formats D & E are in the downloadable EBB software.

Self-scheduled exams are open for 24 hrs. on the scheduled day. Imposed time limits are listed in the Start Time column.

Scheduled exams will begin according to the time listed below. Length of time for the exam can be found in the exam instructions. 

Take-home exams are listed below the scheduled exams. The dates availability are listed and accompanied by the imposed time limit if applicable. 

Exam DateExam ScheduleStart TimeClass Professor NameExam FormatProctoring 
28-AprScheduled, virtual10:30 AMCorporate Finance Shepherd, GOption DNoNow from 4/28@2PM - 5/1@5PM
Self-Scheduled3 hrs.Employment LawCooperOption BNo
Self-Scheduled3.5 hrs.RemediesPartlettOption CNo
 Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMHealth LawSatzOption EYes 
 Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMCriminal LawWitteOption CNo
Self-Scheduled3 hrs.Criminal LawDuncanOption CNo
Self-Scheduled4 hrs.Criminal LawCloudOption CNo
29-AprSelf-Scheduled3 hrs.Contracts ISchwartzOption CNo
Self-Scheduled3 hrs.Copyright LawPerry (Lytle)Option CNo
 Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMFirst Amendment:  Freedom of ExpressionArthurOption DNo
30-AprScheduled, virtual10:15 AMCommercial Law: SalesPardoOption DNo
Scheduled, virtual10:00AM Criminal Law DefensesBerneOption DYes 
Scheduled, virtual10:00AM Fundamentals of Income TaxationPennellOtherNo
Scheduled, virtual10:30AM PropertyAndersonOption DNo
Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMPropertyPennellOtherNo
 Scheduled, in-person10:00 AMProperty--both sectionsParrishOption DYesGambrell 1E
3-MaySelf-ScheduledN/AIntellectual Property SurveyMorrisOption CNoChanged to take home
Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMBusiness Associations-001GeorgievOption BYes 
Scheduled, virtual10:30 AMFamily Law IBroydeOption CNo
Scheduled, virtual10:15 AMNational Security LawBlankOption DNo
Scheduled, in-person10:00 AMEvidence(1L section)CarrollOption EYesGambrell 1E
 Scheduled, in-person10:30 AMIntellectual Property SurveyBagleyOption DYesGambrell 1C
 Self-Scheduled3 hrs. Administrative Law--both sectionsVolokhOption CNo
4-MayScheduled, virtual10:00 AMBanking LawElliottOption DYes 
Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMDoing Deals: Private EquityCrowleyCanvasYes 
Self-Scheduled3.5 hrs. EvidenceMorrisonOption BNo
Scheduled, virtual10:15 AMSecured TransactionsPardoOption DNo
Scheduled, in-person10:00 AMBusiness associationsShepherd, GOption DYesGambrell 1E
 Scheduled, in-person10:30 AMIntro to Law & EconomicsShepherd, JOption DYesGambrell 1C 
5-MaySelf-Scheduled8 hrs.Law of Payment SystemsFRAHEROption CNo
Self-Scheduled2.5 hrs.Legal ProfessionPinderOption CNo
Self-Scheduled3 hrs.Tax ControversiesCraftOption BNo
Self-Scheduled3 hrs.Entertainment LawSandersOption BNo
 Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMSecured TransactionsSybblisOption DNo
6-MayScheduled, virtual10:15 AMAntitrust ArthurOption DNo
Scheduled, virtual10:30 AMComplex LitigationFreerOption DNo
 Scheduled, virtual11:00 AMLegal ProfessionBroydeOption CNo
Scheduled, virtual10:00 AMConstitutional LawSmithOption DNo
Self-Scheduled3 hrs. Constitutional LawVolokhOption CNo
Take Home (see below)N/AConstitutional LawPillOption CNo


*Note:  The below list may not be complete based on whether or not the Professor notified the Law Registrar.
Exam DatesExam ScheduleImposed TimeClass Professor NameExam Format
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Chinese LawRuskolaOption B
30-Apr – 3-MayTake Home24 hrs. Conflict of LawsHayOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Constitutional LawPillOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Const'lCrim.Proc:AdjudicationWaldmanOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Environmental LawGoldsteinOption C
17-Apr - 20-AprTake HomeN/AEthics in Criminal JusticeTatumOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home3 hrs.Evidence (UL)CarrollOption C
28-Apr – 5-MayTake Home4 hrs.Family LawCarterOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Federal CourtsSmithOption B
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home8 hrs. Federal Income Tax: CorporationsFowlerOption C
4-May - 7-MayTake Home2 hrs.Federal Income Tax:PartnershipsSchuenemanOption B
22-Apr - 7-MayTake HomeN/AFirst Amendment:Religious FreedomWitteOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Georgia Law,Practice/ProcedureBrokaw/LottCanvas
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. Intellectual PropertyMorrisOption C
29-Apr – 2-MayTake HomeN/AInternational LawBerry/GodetteOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home4 hrs. International TaxKaywoodOption B
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home24 hrs. International Human RightsVan der VyverOption C
28-Apr – 1-MayTake Home3 hrs.Intro to Financial ComplianceClemonsOption C
20-Apr - 7-MayTake HomeN/ALaw in Public HealthGhoshOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home4 hrs.Securities RegulationTerryOption C
28-Apr – 7-MayTake Home4 hrs.Securities: Brokers/DealersTerryOption C
1-May - 7-MayTake Home48 hrs.Transitional JusticeLudsinOption C

Spring 2021 1L Schedule (as of 10/19/2020, subject to change)

*Classes will not be searchable/viewable in OPUS will be available by 10/23/2020

Courses marked with * will meet in-person and are limited to 1L students only.

Class Nbr

Course Number



Start Time

End Time



TBALAW 701Administrative LawT / TH2:30 PM4:00 PMVolokh1L Elective
TBALAW 701Administrative Law*T / TH12:45 PM2:15 PMVolokh1L Elective
TBALAW   500XBusiness AssociationsT / TH2:20 PM4:20 PMGeorgiev1L Elective
TBALAW   500XBusiness Associations*T / TH12:45 PM2:15 PMShepherd, G1L Elective
TBALAW  530Constitutional Law IT/TH/F8:00 AM9:30 AMPill
TBALAW  530Constitutional Law IT/TH/F8:00 AM9:30 AMSmith, Jr.
TBALAW  530Constitutional Law IT/TH/F8:00 AM9:30 AMVolokhF meets 9-10:30
TBALAW  525Criminal LawM / W11:00 AM12:30 PMCloud
TBALAW  525Criminal LawM / W11:00 AM12:30 PMDuncan
TBALAW  525Criminal LawM / W11:00 AM12:30 PMWitte Jr.
TBALAW 624XEnvironmental LawT / TH12:45 PM2:15 PMGoldstein1L Elective
TBALAW   632XEvidence*T / TH2:30 PM4:00 PMCarroll1L Elective
TBALAW   632XEvidenceT / TH12:45 PM2:15 PMMorrison1L Elective
TBALAW  633Family Law*M / W1:45 PM3:15 PMCarter1L Elective
TBALAW 633Family LawT / TH2:30 PM4:00 PMBroyde1L Elective
TBALAW  608Intellectual Property Survey*T / TH2:30 PM4:00 PMBagley1L Elective
TBALAW  608Intellectual Property SurveyT / TH2:30 PM4:00 PMMorris1L Elective
TBALAW 628YIntro Law and Economics*T / TH12:45 PM2:15 PMShepherd, J1L Elective
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal Advocacy*T / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMCarroll
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal AdvocacyT / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMCooper
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal AdvocacyT / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMKirk
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal Advocacy*T / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMKoster
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal AdvocacyT / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMMathews
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal Advocacy*T / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMParrish
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal Advocacy*T / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMPinder
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal Advocacy*T / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMRomig
TBALAW  535BIntro to Legal Advocacy*T / TH10:30 AM11:45 AMSchwartz
TBALAW  545PropertyM / W8:00 AM10:00 AMAnderson
TBALAW  545Property*M / W8:00 AM10:00 AMParrish
TBALAW  545Property*M / W2:30 PM4:30 PMParrish
TBALAW  545PropertyM / W8:00 AM10:00 AMPennell

Spring 2021 Upper Level Schedule 

(as of 01/11/2021, changes listed in bold)

Courses marked with * will meet in-person,  CL=Cross Listed

TitleDaysStart Time        End Time       Professor(s)Notes                                        
TBALAW 701Administrative LawT/TH2:30 PM4:00 PMVolokh
TBALAW 918Adv. Corporate LawT/TH8:30 AM          10:15 AM      Georgiev
TBALAW 842AAdv. International NegotiationsTH12:45 PM3:45 PMLiwanga
TBALAW 657HAdv. Legal Rsch - Mastery of Case LawTH2:20 PM4:20 PMChristian1st 7 weeks
TBALAW 657IAdv. Legal Rsch - Mastery of Regulatory ResearchTH2:20 PM4:20 PMDeese2nd 7 weeks
TBALAW 755AAdv. Pretrial LitT5:00 PM8:00 PMElmore/Goheen
TBALAW 852Adv'd Criminal Trial AdvocacyT4:30 PM7:30 PMParmer
TBALAW 700CCriminal Law Defense (formerly Affirmative Defenses)T6:00 PM8:00 PMBerne
TBALAW 605Alternative Dispute ResolutionM5:00 PM8:00 PMAthans/Menendez
TBALAW 605Alternative Dispute ResolutionW5:00 PM8:00 PMAthans/Wright
TBALAW 605Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sat 8:30 AM

Sun 8:30 AM

Sat 5:30 PM

Sun 1:30 PM

LogueSat 830-5,Su 830-1
1/23, 24; 2/13,14; 3/6,7
TBALAW 851ALW: Blogging & SMT/TH2:30 PM4:00 PMRomig
TBALAW 560ALWAR I B *M/W10:30 AM12:00 PMDaspit
TBALAW 560BALWAR II *T10:30 AM11:45 AMDaspit
TBALAW 702AntitrustT/TH10:30 AM12:00 PMArthur
TBALAW 691Asylum LawW10:30 AM12:30 PM   Kuck
TBALAW 604Banking LawT/TH12:45 PM2:15 PMElliott
TBALAW 883Bankrptcy Devlp Journal:SecondN/A  Howard
TBALAW 884Bankrptcy Devlp Journal:ThirdN/A  Howard
TBALAW 635DBarton Appeal for Youth ClinicN/A  Reba
TBALAW 635CBarton Child Law & Pol ClinicN/A  Carter
TBALAW 730EBus. Transactions in PracticeN/A  PurdomJM Only
TBALAW 500XBusiness AssociationsT/TH2:20 PM4:20 PMGeorgiev
TBALAW 658Capital Defender PracticumN/A  Moore, J.
TBALAW 615Chinese LawM2:00 PM4:00 PMRuskola
TBALAW 958Civil Trial Pract: Family LawW6:30 PM9:30 PMWellon
TBALAW 624LClimate Change LawT10:30 AM12:30 PMPurdom
TBALAW 860AColloquium Series WorkshopW12:30 PM2:30 PMNash
TBALAW 612Commercial Law: SalesT/TH8:45 AM10:15 AMPardo
TBALAW 610Complex LitigationT/TH10:30 AM12:00 PMFreer
TBALAW 709Conflict of LawsT/TH10:30 AM12:00 PMHay
TBALAW 622BConst'lCrim.Proc:AdjudicationM/W2:30 PM4:00 PMWaldman
TBALAW 520AContracts 1M/W2:30 PM4:00 PMSchwartz
TBALAW 520EContracts 1NAGoldstein
TBALAW 520EContracts 1NAVertinsky
TBALAW 710CopyrightM/W2:30 PM4:00 PMPerry Lytle
TBALAW 712Corporate FinanceM/W10:30 AM12:00 PMShepherd, G 
TBALAW 629ECorporate Health LawN/A  PurdomJM Only
TBALAW 959Courtroom Persuasion/Drama IW9:00 AM10:15 AMMetzger 
TBALAW 959Courtroom Persuasion/Drama IW10:45 AM12:00 PMMetzger 
TBALAW 622ECriminal Competency/ResponsibilityM4:30 PM7:30 PMDeets/Flanagan 
TBALAW 767Cross Exam TechniquesTH5:00 PM8:00 PMLott/Norman
TBALAW 672EData Management ProtectionN/A  PurdomJM Only
TBALAW 659EDD: Accounting in ActionT9:00 AM12:00 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659EDD: Accounting in ActionT1:00 PM4:00 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659GDD: Commercial Real EstateW2:30 PM5:00 PMElliottCL
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract DraftingW9:00 AM12:00 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract DraftingM4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract DraftingT4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract Drafting4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract DraftingTH4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract DraftingTH4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659ADD: Contract DraftingW4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659BDD: Deal SkillsM2:00 PM5:00 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659BDD: Deal SkillsW2:00 PM5:00 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659BDD: Deal SkillsM4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659BDD: Deal SkillsT4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659BDD: Deal SkillsT4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659BDD: Deal SkillsW4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659FDD: General CounselM6:00 PM9:00 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659JDD: Mergers & AcquisitionsT5:30 PM8:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659DDD: Private EquityTH6:30 PM8:30 PMCrowleyCL
TBALAW 659RDD: Representing Investment FundsW4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 880DD: Transactional Negotiation TeamW7:30 PM10:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 659CDD: Venture CapitalW4:30 PM7:30 PMPayne/Koops
TBALAW 897Dir Research:Specific TopicsN/A  Howard
TBALAW 897BDir. Research: Specific TopicsN/A  Howard
TBALAW 898BDirected StudyN/A  Howard
TBALAW 885Emory Law Journal:Second YearN/A  Howard
TBALAW 886Emory Law Journal:Third YearN/A  Howard
TBALAW 668XEmployment LawM/W10:30 AM12:00 PMCooper
TBALAW 720Entertainment LawT/TH4:30 PM6:30 PMSanders
TBALAW 624XEnvironmental LawT/TH12:45 PM2:15 PMGoldstein
TBALAW 700CEthics of Criminal Justice PracticeM4:30 PM6:30 PMTatum
TBALAW 620LEuropean Union Law IITH10:30 AM12:30 PMTulibacka
TBALAW 632XEvidenceT/TH12:45 PM2:15 PMMorrison
TBALAW 632XEvidenceM/W8:45 AM10:15 AMCarroll
TBALAW 870IEXTERN: Adv.W3:00 PM4:00 PMAmidon
TBALAW 870IEXTERN: Adv.W4:30 PM5:30 PMAmidon
TBALAW 870DEXTERN: Civil LitigationW8:30 AM9:30 AMGiovinazzo
TBALAW 870FEXTERN: Corporate CounselW8:30 AM9:30 AMNash
TBALAW 870FEXTERN: Corporate CounselM5:00 PM6:00 PMCavitt
TBALAW 870HEXTERN: Criminal DefenseW5:00 PM6:00 PMKleinrock
TBALAW 870CEXTERN: Government CounselW6:00 PM7:00 PMAmidon
TBALAW 870EEXTERN: JudicialF8:00 AM9:00 AMHirokawa
TBALAW 870EEXTERN: JudicialF9:15 AM10:15 AMHirokawa
TBALAW 870GEXTERN: ProsecutionT5:00 PM6:00 PMHames
TBALAW 870AEXTERN: Public InterestT5:00 PM6:00 PMCadenhead/Segal
TBALAW 870BEXTERN: Public Policy & LegT5:00 PM6:00 PMMichaels
TBALAW 870LEXTERN: Small FirmF9:00 AM10:15 AMDemps
TBALAW 633Family LawT/TH2:30 PM4:00 PMBroyde
TBALAW 721Federal CourtsM/W2:30 PM4:00 PMSmith, Jr.
TBALAW 642Federal Income Tax: CorporationsT/TH10:30 AM12:00 PMFowler
TBALAW 942Federal Income Tax: PartnershipsT4:30 PM6:30 PMSchueneman 
TBALAW 601AFirst Amendment: Free ExpressionM/W2:30 PM4:00 PMArthur
TBALAW 601BFirst Amendment: Religious FreedomT/TH8:45 AM10:15 AMWitteCL
TBALAW 650Franchise LawW6:30 PM8:30 PMPrusher
TBALAW 640XFundamentals of Income TaxT/F8:45 AM10:15 AMPennell
TBALAW 890AFundamentals of Innovation IIW6:00 PM9:00 PMMorris
TBALAW 736Health LawM/W10:30 AM12:00 PMSatz
TBALAW 657DHealth Law ResearchT2:20 PM4:20 PMGlon1st 7 weeks
TBALAW 624CHuman Sex TraffickingTH5:30 PM8:30 PMRacine/Harris
TBALAW 608Intellectual Property SurveyT/TH2:30 PM4:00 PMMorris
TBALAW 690LInternational Human RightsT/TH8:45 AM10:15 AMVan der Vyver
TBALAW 732 International LawTH5:00 PM8:00 PMBerry/GodetteSection 002
TBALAW 732 International LawT/TH12:45 PM2:15 PMVan der VyverCANCELLED Section 001
TBALAW 889Int’l Law Review: Second YearNA
TBALAW 888Int’l Law Review: Third YearNA
TBALAW 639International TaxT/TH12:45 PM2:15 PMKaywood
TBALAW 676CInt'l Humanitarian Law ClinicTH10:30 AM12:30 PMBlank
TBALAW 761AInt'l Legal ResearchT2:20 PM4:20 PMFlick2nd 7 weeks
TBALAW 570AIntro to Amer Legal System - LLM/MCL *T4:30 PM6:30 PMKosterCANCELLED
TBALAW 570AIntro to Amer Legal System - LLM/MCLTH4:30 PM6:30 PMKoster
TBALAW Amer Legal SystemN/A  PurdomJM Only
TBALAW 759Intro. To Financial ComplianceTH6:30 PM8:30 PMClemons
TBALAW 608DIP Litigation PracticumM5:00 PM8:00 PMRothman
TBALAW 627Islamic LawM/W8:45 AM10:15 AMAbdugfurov/An-Naim
TBALAW 664Jewish LawT/TH2:30 PM4:30 PMPillCL
TBALAW 699CJuvenile Defender ClinicN/A  Waldman
TBALAW 699Kids in Conflict with the LawM4:30 PM6:30 PMWaldman
TBALAW 747ELaw & Legal ProfessionalsNARomig
TBALAW 708CLaw & Religion of Amer. SlaveryW10:30 AM12:30 PMSavage
TBALAW 736ALaw in Public HealthT4:15 PM6:15 PMGhosh
TBALAW 613ALaw of Payment SystemsTH4:30 PM6:30 PMFraher
TBALAW 895Law Religion Journal:SecondN/A  Howard
TBALAW 896Law Religion Journal:ThirdN/A  Howard
TBALAW 747Legal ProfessionM/W8:45 AM10:15 AMPinder
TBALAW 747Legal ProfessionT/TH10:30 AM12:00 PMBroyde
TBALAW 621Lit.& Justice/Writers on TrialM1:00 PM4:00 PMFelmanCL
TBALAW 882Mock TrialN/A  Lott
TBALAW 887Moot CourtN/A  Romig
TBALAW 887AMoot CourtN/A  Romig
TBALAW 652National Security LawT/TH2:30 PM4:00 PMBlank
TBALAW 684XNegotiation and MediationM10:30 AM12:30 PMZwier
TBALAW 656NegotiationsM4:30 PM6:30 PMPerry Lytle
TBALAW 656NegotiationsT6:00 PM8:00 PMRumfelt/Miller
TBALAW 656NegotiationsW4:30 PM6:30 PMPerry Lytle
TBALAW 599EOnline Orientation & ResidencyN/A  Purdom
TBALAW 754APatent LitigationTu/Th5:00 PM6:30 PMHolz
TBALAW 630APrac Lawyering Skills:Pro BonoM5:00 PM


TBALAW 945Prospectus DefenseN/A  Purdom
TBALAW 736EPublic Health LawN/A  PurdomJM Only
TBALAW 741RemediesM/W10:30 AM12:00 PMPartlett
TBALAW 599GResidency: Online CapstoneN/A  Purdom
TBALAW 854Rights of PrisonersWed2:30 PM5:30 PMGeraghty
TBALAW 713Secured TransactionsM/W8:45 AM10:15 AMSybblis
TBALAW 713Secured TransactionsT/TH12:45 PM2:15 PMPardo
TBALAW 673Securities: Brokers/DealersM/W10:30 AM12:00 PMTerry
TBALAW 667Securities RegulationM/W4:30 PM6:00 PMTerry
TBALAW 837SEM: Animal LawTH10:30AM12:30 PMSatz
TBALAW 796SEM: CounterterrorismW4:15 PM6:15 PMCarson
TBALAW 840MSEM: FinTech Law & PolicyM2:00 PM4:00 PMJohnson
TBALAW 783SEM: Law & MoralityW2:00 PM4:00 PMPerry
TBALAW 833SEM: Law & VulnerabilityT12:15 PM2:15 PMFinemanCL
TBALAW 950SEM: Law, Institutions & GrowthTH12:15 PM2:15 PMSybblis
TBALAW 951SEM: Law, Rights, & Privacy in the Surveillance SocietyT12:15 PM2:15 PMCloud
TBALAW 838SEM: Product LiabilityM2:00 PM4:00 PMZwier
TBALAW 736YSEM: Public HealthW2:00 PM4:00 PMPrice
TBALAW 806ASEM: Right to go to warW2:00 PM4:00 PMVan der VyverCANCELLED
TBALAW 823SEM:Fam Law/Partners & ParentsTH12:15 PM2:15 PMFinemanCL
TBALAW 910SJD Research - G1N/A  Purdom
TBALAW 920SJD Research - G2N/A  Purdom
TBALAW 930SJD Research - G3N/A  Purdom
TBALAW 580ASJD Research & Dissert DevelopN/A  Purdom
TBALAW 693Sports LawTH6:00 PM9:00 PMMack
TBALAW 641Tax ControversiesW4:30 PM6:30 PMCraft (Loechel)
TBALAW 724Transitional JusticeM/W2:30 PM4:00 PMLudsin
TBALAW 671Trial TechniquesTBD  Ginsberg
TBALAW 697CTurner Environmental Law ClinicN/A  Goldstein
TBALAW 599US Culture & Lang. For Law T10:30 AM12:00 PMSchaetzelMCL Only