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Early Decision

Applicants may apply to Emory Law through the Early Decision program. Those admitted to the traditional JD program through this option will receive a minimum merit scholarship of $15,000 per academic year at Emory Law. The deadline for Early Decision applications is February 15. 

As an Early Decision candidate, you can...

  • Receive your admission decision 14 business days after your file becomes complete
  • Be considered for merit-based scholarships sooner than regular decision applicants (All students admitted through this program will be awarded a merit-based scholarship; however, amounts are not determined until later in the admission cycle)
  • Have the security of knowing where you will be next fall
  • Have the ability to plan for housing, health insurance, and other law school requirements
  • Avoid the expense of numerous law school applications

About the Program

While all candidates are eligible to apply through the Early Decision program, this is a binding commitment program, so please review the following information carefully to decide whether the Early Decision program is right for you.

  • Early Decision applicants will be notified of their decision no later than 14 business days after the application for admission is complete.
  • Those admitted through Early Decision will receive a minimum merit scholarship of $15,000 per academic year at Emory Law.
  • If admitted under the Early Decision program, the candidate must submit a nonrefundable deposit within 14 days of admission.
  • This is a binding decision program.
    • An Early Decision applicant must enroll in Emory Law if accepted under this program.
    • An Early Decision applicant may apply to other law schools, but once admitted to Emory Law through this program, the applicant must withdraw all other law school applications and may not apply to any other law schools.
  • An Early Decision applicant may not apply for another binding early decision program at another law school.
  • Merit-based scholarships will be awarded following admission. However, the Early Decision program is not recommended for those who need to know their full financial aid package before paying a deposit.
  • Candidates admitted under the ED program may not defer admission.
  • Emory Law reserves the right to provide other law schools with the names of applicants admitted under the Early Decision program.
  • Early Decision applicants who are not admitted through the Early Decision program but are transferred to the regular applicant pool can keep admission applications to other law schools open and initiate new applications. These Early Decision applicants are not bound to enroll at Emory Law if admitted later in the admission cycle as part of the Regular Decision process.

Note: You must submit a signed "Early Decision Agreement" after you submit the Emory Law application through LSAC.

Candidate Spotlight

Here's what current students have said about applying through the Early Decision Program.

Danny Harris 23L

"The location and prestige of Emory Law were big factors for me. The Early Decision Program was appealing because it offers a merit scholarship and a prompt response after applying."


Rebecca Spraggins 23L

"I applied early decision because I was primarily focused on Emory Law. After doing research on Emory, I knew I would do well here because of the caliber of the professors and the opportunities students are afforded, such as the several clinics Emory offers."


Patrick Diaz 21L

"I applied early decision and chose Emory Law because of its incredible reputation and alignment with my goals. the Emory Law community is incredibly intelligent, accomplished, diverse, and friendly. For me, Emory's TI:GER and Transactional Law Certificate programs were true differentiators."


Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions.