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Emory Law Reciprocity Policy

NALP member law schools support a policy of providing employment search assistance to students and graduates of other schools through reciprocity.

Reciprocity services vary among the law schools that offer reciprocity. These services may include access to

  • the host law school's career services facilities
  • legal publications, directories, handouts, and resource library
  • job listings (typically on-site only, and not online)

Typically, the following services are not available through reciprocity: 

Emory Law Alumni: If you would like to make a request for reciprocity, e-mail Carolyn Roan, providing your name, Emory Law graduation year, e-mail address, telephone number and mailing address, as well as the name of the school from which you are requesting reciprocity. If reciprocity is granted, it is important for you to read and honor the reciprocity policy of the host school. Failure to comply with school policies may result in the termination of reciprocity privileges.

Emory University School of Law Center for Professional Development & Career Strategy provides reasonable access to resources to students or alumni of law schools outside the state of Georgia.
  1. SERVICES are available on a one-to-one basis to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited/NALP member law schools. Reciprocity will only be granted to one law school in the state of Georgia.

    Requests for reciprocity must be made in writing by the requestor's Career Services office. Requests must include contact information for the student/graduate, including address, and whether requesting on-site or remote access. The student/graduate will then receive a copy of our written response. No walk-ins or phone requests will be considered. Reciprocity services include on-site access to job postings and review of materials in the Career Center Resource Center. You also have the option to access our job postings online (remote access reciprocity) for a fee of $30.00. Services do not include participation in on-campus interviews, job fairs, employer mailings, resume referral or counseling.

    • On-site reciprocity will begin the day you receive the letter granting reciprocity and expire 60 days from that date.
    • Remote access reciprocity will begin the day you receive the letter granting reciprocity and expire 30 days from that date. Request remote access reciprocity ($30.00 fee).
    • A request for renewal will be treated as a new request.
  2. REQUESTS for reciprocity services must be submitted by a career services official at least two weeks prior to any visit. An address for the student or alumnus/ae must be provided. Individuals appearing in our office without a request letter in hand will not be granted services. Upon arrival, visitors are requested to check in with the administrative assistant at the front desk.
  3. SUSPENSION of services is effective from July 1st to December 1st of each year. No reciprocity requests will be granted during this period.
  4. Applicants are REQUIRED TO STATE IN COVER LETTERS to employers that the job listing(s) was/were received from this office through a reciprocal agreement with their school. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension of reciprocity privileges.